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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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If the expression was, "a naked chick a day keeps the doctor away," then The Daily Peep could actually be considered good for your health. They obviously would like you to visit their site everyday, but it isn't an actual requirement of membership. However, if you do like watching naked chicks perform for you live, then coming back everyday will be something you might do anyway, whether it was a requirement or not.

The big selling point of this live cam site is the 99 cents-per-minute charge standard across the board. Whether it’s a chick, two chicks, a chick and a dude, the price for a live cam private show is 99 cents-per-minute. Now, that price is lower than what most live cam sites charge and in accordance with that you do get a much more barebones experience.

There are hundreds of cam chicks on the site and when I was on (quite early in the morning I might add) there were already over 60 available at the moment. The quality of the cams is where I had the biggest problem with the site. While overall the image quality of the cams I checked out was very good, the movements were anything but fluid. 

In fact, all but one of the cams I checked out had choppy movement and moments when the image would freeze for half a second. You can make the image screen bigger, but it will degrade the quality somewhat and therefore is only worth doing with those models that have the best-looking cam image already.

Since our last visit they have added a few things: there is a nice feature up in the corner of the cam screen that shows your money counting down as the time in private passes, so you can always see how much you have left in your account. Also, they now have this 'top 20' thing for customers, wherein they can win based on how much they spend.  There is also a top 50 models area where members can easily browse through the cream of the model crop. The chicks have little bio pages with some basic info. However, they don't have any videos and only some have a few vid cap pictures.

The Daily Peep has a lot going for it, including a good stable of models, chciks that are friendly and willing to please and that low $0.99/minute price point.  However, that choppy cam image movement did get frustrating and in the end I would rather pay a little more for a more consistent, and better, cam quality. The good news is though, it is free to sign up and so you can check it out for yourself before deciding if the low price outweighs the quality of the cams.

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  • Comment by: Gobias

    Score: 80% Date: 09/28/2008

    I like this site, some of the cams are annoyingly choppy, but most girls are friendly and willing to chat before going private, and none have disappointed. Nice and cheap too compared to others.