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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1368
Average Score: 65

Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Nominee

You wouldn't know it by looking at the sitename, but Fucked Hard 18 is kind of a reality site. It features chicks who come in to get a massage and end up getting fucked hard instead. Okay, so you could have guessed the "fucked hard" part.

Each FuckedHard18 scene begins with a cute 18-year-old walking into a room and getting greeted by her massage therapist. After a few basic questions, the clothes come off and she lies facedown on the massage table. Things start off pretty legit, but it doesn't take too long for the sheet to come off and things to develop in a hardcore way.

So far, there are 335 episodes and these are really good scenes in many ways. First, the chicks are damn sexy, even if the massage therapist is a little chatty. Second, it is all well-filmed sex. Finally, the action is hot and the babes really seem to be getting fucked hard and loving it.

Best of all, the quality of the movies is often quite high. In fact, there are plenty of vids in Full HD. You can download them in full-length files, but clips are offered as well. Older vids can be downloaded as Windows Media files, while newer ones can be saved as MP4s. If you prefer, you can stream the movies in an embedded Flash player.

The videos all come with a photo gallery. Many of the more recent ones are high-res, so be sure to check them out. You can save all your favorite sets in handy Zip files, so there's really no excuse to not give them a peek. There's an advanced search engine and content tags for finding the exact porn scene you want. You can save all your favorites for quick reference, as well as leave comments and rate the material.

Bonus content includes access to three video feeds and it looks like you can access Seduced By Massage with the same login. As far as updating, the website continues to post a new video and a new set of pictures every seven days.

Fucked Hard 18 delivers enough high-quality porn to merit a recommendation and it's getting better all the time. Don't hesitate to join if you're in the mood to see some cute coeds in massage-to-hardcore action.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: BobbyJ

    Score: 98% Date: 02/08/2015

    Wow,this site is awesome! All the girls on here are BEAUTIFUL!

    The scenes do get a little repetitive, but still, watching these sexy babes getting nailed is pure pleasure. Plus there are a lot of creampies, which I love!

  • Comment by: dummy55

    Score: 50% Date: 12/17/2014

    Download worked önly the first day. Since that it doesn't. And since three days they don't answer my email in which I asked, what could be the problem.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/18/2014): Hi, dummy55. I sent you an email. We'll look into this issue for you and work to get it resolved quickly.

  • Comment by: MrRedWood

    Score: 100% Date: 06/25/2014

    Great site! I only wish I could find the girl in the promo video.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/26/2014): Thanks for the comment, MrRedWood. Which promo? the one we have above the review, or the trailer on the site? Contact us and we'll get it sorted.

  • Comment by: porn connoisseur

    Score: 95% Date: 02/12/2014

    These are special vids! Most are around an hour long and you get to see the hottest girls fucked hard in all kinds of crazy positions.

    I would like to see a few older girls mixed in. I love the 18-21 girls but just wondering how the milfs would react during their sexual massage and hard fucking

  • Comment by: daviddave

    Score: 92% Date: 10/02/2013

    Finally a site that gets it! The mix of seduction and passionate fucking really works well in the scenes. Yes, each scene is similar in it's flow but I've come to enjoy every little moment. Interaction with the girls is by far the best of any site. These seems to be the only site where the girls have multiple orgasms during the scene. I do wish some of the photo sets would be better quality. They do capture the scene but could use a bump in quality. All the vids since late 2011 are in HD and now all new vids are 1080P. It's nice that the peeps at FuckedHard18 have continued to improve the quality over the years. I count 300+ weekly updates.

  • Comment by: Katie

    Score: 95% Date: 04/19/2013

    Whats good:
    The real fucking sex!
    I love FuckedHard18! It's been my favorite for years. Jake brings in the hottest girls week after week. He always seems to give the girls what they want and he make it all about pleasing them and sometime gets a good sex story or two out of them. Truly unique and special videos!

    I would like to see the older sets remastered in HD

  • Comment by: John

    Score: 30% Date: 09/01/2012

    You know a site is questionable when they try to pre-check cross sale you. Watch out or they will ding you for the monthly fee + $1 precheck that 24hrs later becomes a $39.89 charge.

    Basically they are letting you know their site isn't good enough to keep you around, so instead they will try to screw you before you can screw your hand.

    As far as the rest of the site, it's pretty much the same as 100 other sites out there, you can watch almost the same exact stuff on tube sites.

    Zero interaction with the models, this site is lucky to have me rate it a 30..

  • Comment by: Steve

    Score: 100% Date: 01/16/2012

    Thought it had the sexiest , young and great assed babes on any sight I've ever been on. Yes repeat massages in every scene, don't change a thing or else it will be like the rest of them !

  • Comment by: ChickenWire

    Score: 65% Date: 01/08/2012

    Pros: Great angles, great girls, great ass shots, great oiled bodies. Some of these chicks are really, really pretty.

    Cons: It's the same fucking video over and over. He massages them, they blow him, he flips them over, they blow him some more, they get banged a bit, they crawl on the table for some doggystyle, they get on a wedge thing, they bang, he drills them some more and cums on their face. (Or sometimes on/in their vag.) When all the action goes down like this, even the girls start to look the same. Plus, it doesn't update often.

    I downloaded a bunch of videos to keep in my spank vault, but I'm almost sure I'll only rewatch a few of the memorable ones.

  • Comment by: Sam

    Score: 95% Date: 09/09/2011

    The Pros:
    Super Hot Girls
    All look 18-22
    Well Shot Scenes
    Lots of Positions
    Good intro and tease

    The Cons:
    Free bonus vids only stream
    Live cams are non nude

  • Comment by: EZ Swinger

    Score: 88% Date: 04/27/2011

    Great site.
    Pros: Hi-Res videos. Regular updates. Decent download speed.
    Cons: Some fake boobs some not original girls and not much else.

  • Comment by: cg

    Score: 85% Date: 03/23/2011

    Good site. Pros: great concept, girls seem to be enjoying themselves, amazing girls, hi-def video, lots of content, updates 1-2 times a week. cons: video can be soft, camera-work/lighting bland, repetition repetition repetition.

  • Comment by: ME

    Score: 80% Date: 01/23/2011

    @Peter2121..are you THAT naiive? What a dumbass!

  • Comment by: swamp

    Score: 95% Date: 01/06/2011

    Excellent site. Up there with karupspc, 1byday, nubiles, etc.

  • Comment by: Robert

    Score: 95% Date: 12/22/2010

    Mother of God!!! this guy makes me rage every time he says "ooh my!" stfu. I want to jump off a building.

  • Comment by: Bob

    Score: 100% Date: 12/12/2010

    This is the best site I've seen for what I want (course we all want something a bit different). Every last girl on this site is drop dead cute and they all get fucked. I'm only interested in streaming so any problems with downloading doesn't affect me. There's not a huge amount of girls on the site, but there's enough to keep one going for at least a year I would think and there's weekly updates. Where do they get these girls? God they're cute.

  • Comment by: unhappy

    Score: 50% Date: 09/19/2010

    Be carefull, you may get lotts of SPAM from this site or their biller EPOCH. Otherwise site is above average. Some FAKE TITS

  • Comment by: Will the Thrill

    Score: 95% Date: 09/12/2010

    I seem to fall in lover with every girl they shoot. There is something special about the FuckedHard18 scenes. The slow erotic touch then the wild and very pasionate hard fucking gets me off everytime. There are some bonus dvds and teen sites you can access. I guess if you want to download 10,000 videos, it may not be the site for you. If you like finding those "keepers" Fuckedhard18 will fill your harddrive.

  • Comment by: Red Ninja

    Score: 95% Date: 08/21/2010

    I have been a two time member (Signed up for 2 months get an extra month free for $59.62 both times) and plan to sign up again for a third time. Fuckedhard18 is one of the best sites i have ever joined! the site is very easy to navigate and well structured , awesome quality videos and pictures, wide variety of girls that are good looking, the best camera work that i seen to date, very little anal (I'm not a fan of anal), very fast downloading and good admin that fixes bad links,etc asap when made aware to them. The only cons i can say is that the site only updates 1 new girl a week and there is really any bonus content (But that's not really a problem because the excellent quality and well shot videos on this site make up for the lack of bonus content). To sum it up gets my vote and i would highly recommend to anybody.


  • Comment by: aan_gsm

    Score: 100% Date: 08/09/2010

    yes porn video free

  • Comment by: DaveDrooler

    Score: 58% Date: 06/15/2010

    The preview looked great so I joined. The site just doesn't deliver as promised, unfortunately. And shady pre-checked cross-sales ... Pass on this one.

  • Comment by: Raja

    Score: 95% Date: 06/05/2010

    Wow! Hot girls and get fucked crazy style! Nice to see a site where the girls enjoy the sex!

  • Comment by: Frank

    Score: 90% Date: 03/31/2010

    My New Favorite site! The girls are hot, scenes are erotic and it gets better week after week!

  • Comment by: The Dude

    Score: 80% Date: 03/08/2010

    The "message therapist" needs to shut up. Serious, shut the F up. Great site, hot chicks, great shots, but when I hear his cheesy lame shit lines I want to barf.

    What genius told him to talk? SHUT UP!

  • Comment by: Bob

    Score: 100% Date: 12/28/2009

    Truly a great site. Extremely good looking and sexy girls. Naked, oiled and fullbody massaged, followeed by long slow fucking. Great picture quality.

  • Comment by: K9viking

    Score: 60% Date: 10/29/2009

    Fucked Hard 18 does not deliver on what they advertise. You only get to down load from their site all the rest are for streaming only. That makes this site not worth the money.

  • Comment by: mike99

    Score: 95% Date: 10/12/2009

    Simply the best site I have joined! I joined for the first time almost a year ago and stayed for a few month. I joined again a couples months ago to get the new stuff. I found the members area has been rebuilt to give the options I had been asking. Full length download, streaming flash and zip galleries. This guy fucks these girls into a frenzy. The massage is most of the time very erotic and "real". The girls seem to love taking his cock and he ends with a facial or creampie.

  • Comment by: riley1285

    Score: 80% Date: 08/15/2009

    joined August 15 2009. Zipsets are now available as well. Nice to see a site that gives what is wanted

  • Comment by: Peter2121

    Score: 85% Date: 01/04/2009

    The girls are here to get a free massage, ostensibly because they have agreed to be filmed for an "instructional massage video." Okay, good premise. But is it real or staged? The girls are gorgeous and fresh, and the action is great and seems pretty spontaneous. I only have a few complaints. The girls never mention the camera man. I mean he's obviously there, moving around and getting close ups. And here she is, less than half way into the massage, getting fucked like a bunny rabbit, and even smiling into the camera, but the girl never, ever mentions this "other guy" in the room. You'd expect that when it starts to get a bit "personal" the girl would say "Umm, if we're going to fuck, can we get rid of the camera man?" But she never does. She just jumps into the sex and ignores the 3rd guy in the room filming the fucking. I mean what girl would DO that? All this leads me to believe that the girls have been coached and know what to do and expect before they go in the room. There's a few things they could do to make it seem a bit more "real" and less scripted and staged: 1) Get rid of the camera man and have 2 or 3 stationary cameras set up to film it; 2) Don't have each and every girl follow the same script (always going for the masseur's dick, etc.) 3) If each girl is going to end each episode by saying, "Ive just been fucked hard and facialed for the first time, tee hee," okay fine. But at least have the masseur coach them to say it. When the girl says it on her own, for no apparent reason, with no coaching, then you realize that she's probably already seen a dozen of the previous girls' videos and already knows what to say. 4) And lastly, although most of the girls are all pretty fresh talent, I have seen one of the girls, "Kagney," in other work. She's Kagney Lynn Carter, a fairly new porn star.