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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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Ever wonder where pornstars learn to do that thing they do? Are they broken in on the mean streets or in dark alleys? In dormitory lounge rooms after curfew? At home on their stuffed-animal-covered beds while mom and dad are at work? Well, if you're an aspiring pornstar from Montreal and you're looking for a break, the answer is Yvon's place. On Hardcore Training (formerly Yvons Training), Yvon has taken it upon himself to train the industry's up-and-comers from Montreal to be the very best pornstars they can be.

His training program involves a steady diet of his cock and plenty of fucking and sucking exercises. The main curriculum at HardcoreTraining is straight-up hardcore with blowjob lessons for beginners (statistics show a steady increase in the quality of blowjobs since this site's inception!). He also offers instructions to more advanced students looking to specialize in gangbangs, as well as babe-on-babe enthusiasts.

There are 60 original videos. My only complaint about them is that since Yvon takes the hands-on approach with his students and since he is usually (though not always) the principal cameraman, the closeups can get a little tedious at times.

The videos are available for download in average-quality Windows Media format and split into clips totaling on average of 15 minutes. There are also tons of video captures to sort through. The updates seem to come weekly, but they are in fact rotating existing content in, so you don't get any actual new material. Also, don't be confused by the streaming option. Pressing this button only starts downloading a video to watch later.

If you're looking for even more porn, this site has many extras, including about 100 streaming video sites and access to three bonus sites, including Bikini Hookups and Lesbo 101. There is also a picture section filled with loads of nonexclusive sets in various categories, though none focus on these particular babes and their hardcore education.

Watch the future starlets of porn learn the ropes by sucking on Yvon's dick. Just don't expect to see any more content than there already is on Hardcore Training. This means enjoy it for a month if you want, but only stick around longer if the extras provide enough pleasure.

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  • Comment by: V for Vagina

    Score: 76% Date: 01/20/2010

    Yvon is one lucky old guy. He seems casually clean and aware that the girls need a sugar daddy. ALL the girls are hot and it is a very easy to download and navigate site. There are no updates ever and this feels wrong. Worth checking out for your first time.