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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Immediately, Lezboland has my imagination seething with the thought that I'm about to embark on a sexual journey that's filled with beautifully erotic babes and awesome quality content.

The members' area is easy on the eyes and the babes are a pleasure to look at. Aside from some jokes, there isn't any bonus content on Lezboland. There aren't any photos, either. As simple as the design and navigation is, the content found here is just as basic. I don't mind the absence of photos, but it would add value for some. However, there are some luscious looking lesbians, so I think I can handle a video-only site.

Movies are organized from oldest to newest. While I personally prefer the newer content upfront, it wasn't as if I couldn't get over it. There are 55 episodes, which is just enough to make me a happy camper and, better still, each film is around 18 minutes, which is neither too short nor too long. I suddenly feel like Goldilocks, thinking that the movie length is "just right."

Their update schedule used to average out to weekly, but there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the schedule. However, it's been over a year since our intinial review and they've only added four new episodes in that time, so you won't be finding stability here.

Clicking a link, the videos enlarge in a Windows Media player. From this page you can download any of the flicks. The quality is fantastic. Sound is clear and the film I watched began with a UK chick introducing herself before taking off her friend's clothes. Scenes are soft and sensual. The camera angles and movements are professional, steady and smooth and the sex is erotically hot as the babes caress and lick each other.

I watched two films and neither of them featured strap-ons, but this is not to say there aren't any or that strap-ons won't be added in the future. I think this is where photos would come in handy to better find out what these babes do without having to go through every movie. Actually, even a scene description or a search engine would help in this regard.

Your membership used to get you access to one additional site called Photo Rotic, but that no longer appears to be the case. Despite some improvements that could be made, the quality and soft eroticism of Lezboland is worth checking out, especially at a montly price this cheap.

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