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Updated on: 02/04/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • It appears they added close to a dozen videos along with their photo sets. Updates are only every two weeks, but in between new additions, they often add a bonus video from a third-party site.

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There's a classic fairytale where a ghastly beast lands a hot babe who would normally never fall for someone who looks like him. Beauty And The Senior works on the same premise, except in this case the beasts are old men and instead of singing together and living in a castle filled with talking tea cups and candlesticks, they just fuck.

BeautyAndTheSenior brings the generations together as old men get to fuck hot nubile chicks. These girls would be any guy's fantasy, no matter how old they were. However, for these mature men, it's probably been a long time since such cute coeds have had their mouths and pussies wrapped around their dicks.

So far there are 103 videos. Take note, though, that bonus flicks (which don't come with photos) are now mixed in with the main movies. At one point there were separate areas of the site for the movies and photos, but these days everything can be found in the "updates" section. It doesn't really affect anything, though, because each of the site's videos comes with pics, so it isn't hard to find the 103 photo galleries.

The current interface looks really good and has a nice, modern feel. You get some features to help you along in your search for intergenerational sex. There's a way to track your favorites and you can post comments, leave ratings, sort the material in a number of ways and even use keyword tags to find porn that you'll enjoy.

The flicks can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded. The quality varies, but the newer ones can be enjoyed in Full HD. Some come in parts, but the majority of them don't. As for the pictures, they look good when viewed online, but you get high-res versions when you download the sets in Zip files.

The action is hardcore and these aged dudes get to do the things that we all wish we could do to these chicks. Some of the seniors appear more senior than others, so you'll see the nubile babes getting done by both old fogies who seem a bit out of shape as well as mature men who are quite fit, even if they've got gray hair and wrinkles.

Beauty And The Senior is a good site if old men fucking teens is what you're after. Updates usually come around twice a month, but the site already has quite a bit of porn for you to get off on and you can use the time between updates to check out those bonus videos. They're all very hot and star more sexy babes.

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  • Comment by: richard m.

    Score: N/A Date: 12/03/2013

    I was unable to download videos or view streaming video's. Your review says that they have windows video format. They have mp4 and won't let me download anything. I have requested cancellation and the site first messaged that they received my request. Later I received an email stating that my message could not be delivered. Today I contacted vxs billing requesting cancellation. They messaged that they will get back to me as soon as possible. What is going on? Cancelling should be easy. Stay tuned.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/04/2013): Hi, Richard m. I sent you an email. It looks like the site was redesigned, which could mean they changed file formats. We'll get our review processed for an update. Regarding cancellation, if you joined in the last three days we can get you set up with our Trusted Partner Guarantee and a full refund.

  • Comment by: Drew

    Score: 75% Date: 09/12/2009

    Good site with a few flaws. Good looking women with old men (but who's looking at the men). Simple navigation, download clips in low, med. high in usually two parts. The flaws are big though. Stupid music usually playing throughout clips, they really need to get rid of that. It was very annoying. Also, usually at the best part of the video it would go into slow mo. If you are going to do that at least play it back in real time as well. Overall a good site if you are a fan of young beautiful girls doing old guys but the music really turned me off.

  • Comment by: Richard

    Score: 75% Date: 02/04/2009

    Good site. Videos are broken into 2 or 3 parts, none being over 15 minutes full length. No zips for photos. Only updates a couple of times a month. But the overall content is good. Beautiful girls old men.

  • Comment by: mart

    Score: 50% Date: 10/04/2008

    Beauty and the Senior is the same site as Oldje with the exception that the content is less and video editting is not very good. Oldje provides more pictures, still screen shots and better edited movies.Believe me both are the same only you get less with this site so be careful how you spend your money