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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Forced Men offers a category of porn that I'm very much into, even if I might be too scared to submit myself to a dominating babe. Let me tell you, though, they do deliver. I appreciate that they've paired a few women of almost Amazonian proportions with skinny nude dudes that you know could be beaten down by even your average chick on an enraged rampage. It was much more believable than other sites that present chubby cuckolds with bossy little ladies who are only mentally, not physically, intimidating.

I definitely appreciate the creativity on ForcedMen. For example, in one CFNM (clothed female naked male) scene, a chick appropriately dressed for cold weather makes a naked guy sit on a towel on a pile of snow while she jerks him off. Although he looks rather uncomfortable from the cold, wearing nothing but a knit cap, he still manages to take his orders and keep that frozen stiff pole standing at attention.

The 262 videos can be watched on a streaming embedded player, but beware that you have to input your password and username each time you want to start a flick streaming. If you prefer to keep them, you can save the movies in average-quality Windows Media files. Despite there being a photo section, the pics are only vid caps. Despite the fact that they offer full-length vids, don't expect epic amounts of footage. Most scenes hover around the seven-minute mark.

See some of the mean acts these women carry out on these poor, pathetic men and you'll realize that witnessing a few minutes is all you can handle. For example, one kick-happy babe plants her foot into a couple of fellows' crotches as hard as she can to see which one can handle the most pain. Mine had a tortured hue from the pent-up excitement of watching, but their balls must have been black as well as blue by the end.

It looks like updates are added weekly right now. You can choose two membership options that include nine other sites or you can just sign up for this one. Extras with the single-site membership include erotic stories and some fun adult games. There are definitely some things that Forced Men needs to work on, but it's got some fantastic Femdom porn to be seen.

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  • Comment by: John

    Score: 1% Date: 03/15/2013

    The site doesn't allow you to sign-up. I've tried several times to no avail.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/18/2013): Hi, John. I sent you an email. I was able to get all the way to the credit card page, which is the last step before purchase. Did