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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Toxxxy is a hot, little French Candian and as it says on her website, "cute, nasty, dark and sexy are just some of the characteristics of this goth beauty." Both she and her website are very interesting, as just about everything on it is stylish and dark in an artsy kind of way.

Before I go any further, let me mention that most of the content on the Toxxxywebsiteis original. I was concerned that it might not be because this hot little French Canadian used to have a different site that no longer updates.

So, I was worried that I would just see the same stuff recycled under a new address. Some of the content is seen on other sites, including one of the bonus sites that's included with your membership, so I won't give it full marks for exclusivity, but rest assured that it's a small percentage of the stuff.

There are seven videos that can be downloaded in Windows Media format and offer good-quality playback. Most of the films last four minutes or less, so we're not talking hours and hours of footage, but that's often the case with sort of artistic content.

In any case, the vids are all quite different. In one we see Tox stripping and playing with her tits. In another, we see her smashing a pumpkin with an axe and rubbing its seeds all over body, all while looking a bit like Paul Stanley from Kiss.

There are far more photo galleries on the website and members can peruse 107 sets ofhigh-res pictures right now. The pics are quite beautiful, well shot and original in concept for the most part. 

This alternative model is a slim babe with small tits and a chameleon-type appearance that transforms with her various outfits, backdrops and kinky scenarios. Something in her eyes is indefinable, but it is beautiful beyond objective appearance. Nevertheless, she is sexy and pretty by any other measure. You can download the sets in Zip files.

The website hasn't updated in over 10 months. On the plus side, though, there are two bonus sites (Beauty And Braces and Rope Rookie) for members to check out while they wait, in vain, and hope for something new to get posted.

Toxxxy's site isn't like most others and that's one of the reasons that I'd really like to see it start updating again. If it doesn't get its updates back on track, it'll barley be worth a look for a month, even for huge fans of this cute babe.

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