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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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There is something very sexy about a hot chick in a pair of tight jeans. The way her ass is shown off and the tease of the thought of what is awaiting you underneath that denim. At Jeans Babes, however, we never get under the denim.

It is all about the babes in jeans at JeansBabes (which makes sense). This non-nude site is filled with hot, sexy chicks wearing jeans. They rub their jeans, they do sexy dances and they tease you with how good their asses looked wrapped in denim, but they never reveal their naughty bits.

While the babes look good in their jeans, the site itself is not as impressive. The content is all organized alphabetically by the model's name. The problem is that that is the only way it is organized. There's no video section or photo section, so basically you are going to have to click through various names, check out the picture and see what this one or that one has to offer. Not only is this a little annoying as a surfer, but also it makes it almost impossible to get an exact number for the photo sets and videos.

However, using my genius math skills and deductive logic, this is what I came up with: there are currently 202 women on the site. Now, every one of them that I checked out had at least one set of photos, if not two or three. So, given that, I would put the number of photo sets at around 300. Now, when it comes to the videos, most of the chicks I looked at had a video clip to go along with each of their photo shoots, so I guess saying 300 videos is a reasonable assumption.

Besides the list of chick names, they do have a list of the last five updates at the top of the main page. This made it possible to see that they are updating twice a month. As far as the quality of the collection goes, I wasn't impressed with RealPlayer files as the playback is below average.

Jeans Babes is a pretty original concept and one that will appeal to a core group of babes-in-jeans lovers. For others, while it is pretty sexy, the constant tease factor and non-nudity might become a little tedious.

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  • Comment by: Mark

    Score: 95% Date: 07/24/2013

    Pros - Tons of material and great content
    Cons - update frequency

    Overall this is a great website, especially for people like myself with a jeans fetish, i have been a member time and again and always enjoyed what has been on offer.