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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Those of you familiar with some of my other reviews, might know that I am a big fan of POV porn. However, POV's claim that it is almost like you are doing the fucking just never completely worked for me, because, there was obviously always another cock fully visible doing the actual fucking. Virtual Modelshas solved that problem.

VirtualModels is all about you and the chicks and true POV. Virtual Models attempts to put you there with the babe as if you were fucking her.Therefore, all that you see on the screen is pretty much what you would see if you actually were in the room fucking her.

There are lots of shots of her breast and face as she moans and groan and looks right at you. The camera does pan down, but you won't see some other guy's dick there. Rather it is a dildo that is sliding in and out of her pink pussy. However, they make a great effort not to linger on the dildo or show it that much at all, thus allowing you to place your member there instead.

Given that you don't actually see a lot of penetration, while enjoying simulating POV fucking, I would call the content softcore/hardcore action. I would also call it great-quality, because that is what it is. The chicks are gorgeous, their dedication to the POV acting is very good and the videos look greatin their downloadable DivX clips. They can also be streamed in good-looking Windows Media format or downloaded in an iPod format so you can take it with you.

At this point there are only 11 videos and 13 photo setsavailable, and this is the one negative. With no bonus content that is just too little an amount to make it worthwhile even for the just under $20 membership fee they are asking for.

However, they do seem to be updating about once a week, the quality of the content is great and this is an original and well-done concept. Given those factors Virtual Models will be worth checking out very soon and after just a few more updates.

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