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Updated on: 04/18/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited Enchantae...

  • The collection has grown by 65 episodes thanks to ongoing weekly updates that combine to bring you one new episode each month.

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I was never a big comic book reader. I always liked Spider-Man and Superman, etc., but I didn't own any comic books and collect them like many of my friends did. If, however, Lois Lane and Mary Jane had spent more time getting naked and taking a big, hard cock in all their holes, like the characters on Enchantae do, then I might've had a pretty big collection at this point.

Enchantae might not be the biggest site, but it's grown to a decent size since our initial review in 2007. So far, there are 104 exclusive episodes available. Each consists of 12 full-color pages and each month they publish a new one, divided into four weekly updates. There aren't any videos, but you shouldn't expect them on a purist comics site like this anyway.

While each episode is a little story/sexual escapade of its own, they all follow the course of a larger story and each episode is kind of like its own chapter. The story takes place in an enchanted land full of kings, queens and horny vixens and I think I saw some aliens in a couple as well.

There's nothing too deep or complex about them, but the drawings are very good and the sex is graphic (in both senses of the word obviously). And you'll appreciate the diversity of action. Besides couples having sex, you've also got lots of threesomes, both MMF and FFM, as well as foursomes and orgies.

You'll also see some Femdom action and even some fisting. Pretty much all the penetration involves ridiculously massive cocks or huge sex toys, including strapons, and you'll not only see DPs, but there's also at least one scene involving triple-vaginal penetration. Plus a ton of anal sex! At least one quest involves a female character servicing multiple dicks sticking through numerous glory holes.

The other good thing about Enchantae is the fact that a membership is very reasonably priced, with an even cheaper rebill, and you can even download a free sample that will give you a taste of what awaits you inside. With a price tag this low, it could be worthwhile for comic fans who want to follow an original and hardcore story online.

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  • Comment by: Bad of Enchanate!

    Score: 50% Date: 06/14/2009

    You can not take the pictures. Not possible with downloading of the pictures, you pay only for the SHOW, not for the COMICS. Not good. I will not pay for the site in the future, You must too do that. That is good work, plenty of the sex and more. But You can not take the pictures. You can not. If the DRM protection not were in the site, NOW is that DRM.