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By: Rabbit
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I am not sure what it is with the English, but they seem fixated on spanking. Not that I am complaining, especially when the women being spanked are young hotties. Firm Hand Spanking is a huge rear-smacking site that is very comprehensive.

The design of FirmHandSpanking has retained its simple look with its blue background and heavy, white borderlines. It still doesn't blow me away, but it's okay and the organization and navigation are pretty decent, so that's a plus. The search function seems to work well and the mouse-over drop-downs on the menu bar are very useful.

A good place to start is with the movies. There are 1,454 videos available for download in multiple formats, including Windows Media, RealPlayer and an iPod-compatible one. The WMVs are the best and offer good-quality playback when viewing the newer scenes. Older vids may not look as good, though.

Each flick comes with a set of photos and the newer ones contain high-res images of all the spanking action. There are also some stand-alone photo galleries in the "all-photo stories" section, but they haven't added anything new to this section since 2008. In total, you get 1,654 photo sets and Zip files are available for easy downloading.

The babes are mostly fresh-faced cuties and many get their bare asses spanked with paddles and other implements like hairbrushes, yardsticks, canes, floggers, wooden spoons and even carpet beaters by both males and females. I saw no full nudity or hardcore action, just good ol' bum battering.

The scenes invariably have a setup of some sort - after all, people have to be naughty to be punished. Each movie has a few lines of description. Schoolgirls, cheerleaders, secretaries, nannies and badly behaved house guests all get a good thrashing.

There are a number of extras, like forums where people can share stories or ask questions and polls that you can respond to. There are spanking tales, interviews and profiles to read. Plus, there are some interesting documents on how and where spanking is seen in the media and the news.

Needless to say, Firm Hand Spanking offers a ton of rear smacking material for a pretty reasonable price. They are updating with a new episode every two to three days and they offer a breadth of information on one of our favorite types of discipline.

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  • Comment by: snakemaster

    Score: 55% Date: 03/15/2015

    I agree 100% with Rolf. This site is a HUGE disappointment with its total absence of eroticism, chemistry and sensuality between the spanker and spankee. This site unfortunately seems to follow the trend in spanking to avoid ANY sort of sexuality or sensuality, and essentially pretend that spanking is just about 'discipline'. Who really believes that? Apart from some of the so called 'spanking purists', who I frankly do not understand, most people want to watch spanking, because it is arousing to see a sexy girl being dominated and made to show her sexy parts, and take punishment in a submissive way. There has to be a dynamic of sensuality and sexiness, even though there is no outright sex. On this site, it is just about unrealistic scenarios arising, followed by 'whack, whack, whack'. Nothing more. Neither the spanker nor the spankee ever seems aroused, they just hit away as if they are hitting wood, most of the time, they take care to hide the private parts by keeping on stupid underwear or strategically positioning their legs, and even when the private parts are exposed, there is never any reference to them, and certainly never any touching of them. There is no reference to sexuality or sexual motives. It is just boring and unrealistic. Men/women do not bend grown women (especially the sort of beauties on this site) over, bare their bottoms or even their entire bodies, and spank their bottoms without some arousal or sexual motives. It is insulting to my intelligence for anyone to pretend that the spanking is all for 'disciplinary' purposes. Some older British spanking sites like Calstar, brilliantly straddle the line between spanking and eroticism, and there is a blisteringly erotic and hard spanking scene in 'English spankers' between Sarah Bright and Ella. Sadly such spanking is increasingly rare today, where 95% of spanking is either the annoyingly soft spanking as in the Clare Fonda sites, the disturbing brutality of Lupus or the boring monotone of this site.

  • Comment by: Wicked_Hand

    Score: 58% Date: 11/28/2014

    Re-join about once a year to look at the new content. They update Mon/Wed/Fri which is good, but the download speeds are absolutely abominable, well over 30 minutes for a 70-100mb file, almost make the site unworkable. Most of the series go along the same path, hand spanking, belt/tawse, paddle, cane (if your lucky). The girls are attractive and perform well, need some good disciplinarians, don't think the girls are as good as them men in dishing out punishments. Will think very hard before rejoining in the future.
    Rabbits Reviews, can't you find any new fresh spanking sites please, your list has remained the same for ages. Thanks.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/28/2014): Thank you for the comment, Wicked Hand, and the review. I sent you an email. We are working to find new sites across all niches, spanking sites especially.

  • Comment by: rolf

    Score: 30% Date: 07/16/2014

    ....I was looking many previews of the videos from this site.and i was a member on many other sites.and now i ask me.where are the producers, and the actors with a feeling for that, what they are doing? why they don`t know, that spanking is sex? why they cannot make a really sexy spanking action? with really sexy clothes .and girls they want to present her bodies and butts on a really sexy way. and men,who can more than "coffee slapping" ? why they don`t know, that a spanking across a sexy outfit ,can be sexier,than everytime on the naked butt? why they don`t have ideas,fantasy? why they don`t make lesser videos, but better and sexy videos?
    and so on....i continue to seek a site, maybe a little site, where i can see spanking with heard and soul.

  • Comment by: A Limey

    Score: 45% Date: 04/04/2014

    Regarding Rick's comment: Where do you live, Rick? Looks like you had the same problem I had two years earlier - charging non-US customers more, even if we are paying in dollars. It's a scam, really. Would a hamburger joint in Chicago charge someone a dollar more if he had a British, Canadian or Aussie accent?

  • Comment by: Rick

    Score: N/A Date: 01/11/2014

    Hi Mr. Reviewer. I wanted to join this site, but when I got to the paying portion, the site tried to charge me $30, instead of the advertised $24. $6 is a fair bit in excess of the advertized price, and that bothers me. It seems improper to charge more than advertized. If you can resolve this matter, I would appreciate it. Otherwise I will not be joining this site.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/13/2014): Hi, Rick. I sent you an email. I confirmed that the 24.95/30 Day recurring option is showing. Perhaps you accidentally selected the 29.95/30 non-recurring option?

  • Comment by: Wibble

    Score: 25% Date: 07/10/2013

    Pro: The models are, on the whole, great and the spanking is pretty hot. The scenes are short, but long enough.

    Cons: It's 2013 and the biggest resolution you offer is 720x576? And you're still offering RealPlayer downloads?

    Worse, much worse, is that there appears to be a download cap that they don't tell you about. I've no idea what it is - I tried to download a vid and got sent to a "you've exceeded your limit" page. The problem is, they lock you from the whole damn site, so you can't contact customer support. I've no idea when I'll be allowed back onto the site - it says 10 minutes, but I gave up after 3 hours...

    Overall: If you stay under the cap and you can handle the limited resolution, it's worth a visit

  • Comment by: A Limey

    Score: 45% Date: 07/11/2012

    I was a member of this site for a long time, with no complaints about content.

    The problem for British (and presumably other non-US) customers is that you can't get the advertised rates. This isn't an exchange rate problem or just a "dynamic currency conversion" scam. I was using a CC with no commission and trying to pay in dollars. If the site detects a British IP address, it wants to charge over $100 for six months, rather than the advertised $89.95.

    Not really very good behaviour for a market leader.

  • Comment by: Spankologist

    Score: 85% Date: 03/28/2011

    Their spanking is genuine and real but not brutal. This is the kind of spanking many like to watch. They have fairly numerous and good-looking models and they recruit new models every once and again

  • Comment by: Tony

    Score: 25% Date: 09/06/2010

    Allison Miller,Abagail Whitaker, and Samantha Woodley are awesome. The newcomer models especially the pink haired one have no class or emotion. The settings are repitious and cheap. Please can't they find models who dress and have emotion. The sight is going down the tubes.

  • Comment by: Tchigorin

    Score: 85% Date: 09/18/2008

    I have been on most of these spanking sites. Firm Hand has some of the best looking girls, average to slightly harder spankings and some extras. It is one of the top sites for sure. Good enough for a once a year or every other year membership.