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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I have seen plenty of voyeur sites and a few sleeping chick sites, but I have not seen any that combine the two as well as Night Invasion. This site takes you into the bedrooms of sleeping chicks and with the help of night vision, lets you explore these sleeping beauties' bodies and even see them rise from their slumber enough to suck a little dick and even fuck sometimes before turning back in.

One of the things I appreciated about NightInvasion was the setups. I was prepared to begin this review commenting on the fact that the chicks were obviously aware of the intruder(s) and that there was no way I was going to believe that they were actually sneaking in to people's houses and bedrooms and doing what they do without the ladies being aware of it all.

The fact is that they don't claim that that is the case anyway. The guy who runs the site and does all the filming states right off the bat that he has found these women via personal ads and the site itself. There is a short descriptive paragraph available with each episode and in it we are told how he met them and that they have a night invasion-type fantasy and that they have arranged this scenario.

There are 127 videos to date and they can alll be downloaded. The flicks come in Windows Media format and only offer poor-quality playback, but this doesn't really hamper your viewing experience. In fact, it kind of enhances it, since it makes it feel like what you're seeing through the lens of the night vision cameras is more authentic.  

As you might be able to imagine, you don't get any photos here. Due to the premise, you only get vid caps, but for those of you who are interested to know, you can download these screenshot collections in Zip files. You can also view the images as slideshows.

Do I believe that these are real women who have contacted him about living out this fantasy? No, but the fact that we are told they have agreed to it makes the scenes and the way they play out much more believable and enjoyable. Watching the chicks half-asleep allow his caresses and fingering or suck on the cock placed in their mouth works in that case. I could even allow myself to go with it when the beauties soled over or got on top to fuck.

If you get a hankering for some daylight action then all you have to do is head on over into any of the seven bonus sites, included with a membership. There's Lesbian Assault, San Diego Latinas, and Insane Coeds, just to name a few and they're all part of the My All Access Pass network.

The Night Invasion content is a very specific niche of voyeur andif it is a niche that appeals to you then I would not hesitate to recommend it. With the bonuses thrown in, this makes for a good deal, but be aware that the site has stopped growing.

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