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Updated on: 01/27/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited DrunkenTeenOrgies...

  • The videos appear to be slightly lower in quality (but they're still in HD).
  • They removed access to the bonus network, but they added back the photo sets.

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Drunken Teen Orgies is all about getting a hot girl wasted so horny guys can have their way with her. Although I'm pretty sure that alcohol isn't needed to get these chicks' pants off - they seem pretty horny as is - but the booze does make things fun. And I'm not just talking about them fucking one or even two guys. In fact, many of these drunk gals take on three or more.

There's nothing like seeing a chick with a dick in her pussy and two in her mouth. There's a ton of sucking and raw fucking all based on the premise of drunken debauchery. Judging from the hard cocks on these tag-teaming jocks, they leave the drinking to the ladies so that they remain fit to perform. DrunkenTeenOrgies is quite the artful mess.

The 31 videos can be downloaded in multiple formats, with the best one giving you HD playback. I always appreciate a full-length version of a flick, which is what you get on this site. You can also stream them in an embedded Flash player. When it comes to checking out the 31 sets of high-res pics, which were not available on our last visit, you have to download them in Zip files, because they're not viewable online.

The threesomes that follow the prelude of a sloshed girl swallowing wine and liquor will make you whine that you can't lick her muff yourself. These sweet drunks mostly appear to be of Eastern European decent, so their fine, lean frames have nice perky tits and asses that are so taut and firm, anal sex seems inevitable.

They redesigned the site and in the process removed access to a bonus network, but it still looks as if you get other sites (the right-hand side has dropdown menus for extra content, but they don't show any results). This is particularly disappointing when you consider that the site is no longer growing. In fact, the last update was way back in 2008.

The content here is intoxicatingly hot, but Drunken Teen Orgies won't keep you drunk with horniness for too long. Think of it less like a gateway to a lifetime of drinking and more like a weekend of binge drinking. You'll feel really good in the short term, but you'll sober up soon enough and might even feel a bit hung over from the frustration of not being able to count on more updates.

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  • Comment by: Fast Freddy

    Score: 50% Date: 05/25/2014

    The drunken scenes aren't very good... the chicks don't really seem drunk at all. The girls in this series more seem like they're trying to act drunk, except they suck at acting. On the other hand, the bonus sites you get are entertaining and the downloads reasonably fast, so my advice is to go for it for a month and then cancel.

  • Comment by: MJG

    Score: 50% Date: 08/31/2008

    A few of these videos are disturbing, some of the action doesn't appear to be consensual (video Inga 3).