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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Amateur porn makers take up a sizeable niche within the industry. Quality is always an issue either with their equipment or their skills. And then there is the all-powerful need for an enticing angle. Swingin Gina seems to have met almost every requirement to create and maintain a member base, including regular updates.

Gina's attraction is herself – a sexy, willing, flexible, hungry swinging wife. And with one very happy hubby, I suspect, since she provides him with porn on tap. He seems to be a real pal, backing her up with some of the camera work.

Imagination is the key to SwinginGina. For one babe to provide enough content and variety to keep multiple members glued to the monitor is always a big ask. And in Gina's case, an active imagination and an obvious love of the work is the key to her success. Not only does this babe like to mix it up with different styles of sex, different partners, toys and multiple participants, she capitalizes on using different settings.  Like the pool table where she fills the room with friends and sex partners and just starts going for it. Or the car sex, or the session with the masseur, or the one in the doctor's office.

Sure some of these scenes are set up, but they look good and all fit convincingly into a general entertaining presentation of the Adventures of Swingin Gina.

The photographic galleries host reasonable quality images including such highlights as: Black Cock, Fuck Saw, Threesome Fun, Interracial House and Bald Fuck (from memory that's where hubby gets involved some more). With the videos, again you get medium quality viewing, although occasionally, in a genuine reality large group setting, like the crowd in the pool table sequence, the sound is raucous and poor. But Gina is inventive and her work is undeniably full of real enjoyment and a good vibe. Check out the Power Saw Dildo, Caught Peeping and School Slut.

The videos tend to be cut into four clips of four minutes each for easy downloading. Happily, all the content is exclusive but I would like to see two things happen before I could say the price is reasonable. The first is a quibble. Employ a proofreader, the typos in the product descriptions are in-your-face, distracting and suggest the site comes from a non-English speaking webmaster. Not the impression I think Gina is after. Secondly, get some real product quantity built up on the site. The next few months should take care of this. At that point, Swingin Gina will be a stopover that holds its members for more than that initial month.

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