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The porn mega-site trend continues with the awesome site Brain Pass! It has outstanding content and lots of it. I mean, you end up with a whopping 50 sites, some of which continue to grow. You can probably already guess how hard it is to go wrong with this one. Unless, of course, you have already checked out Pornstar Network. Not because it is better, but because they are both the exact same site.

Your BrainPass membership, as is the same with a PornstarNetwork membership, join through RabbitsReviews to download this network's content and stream a ton more flicks via the Moviez+ premium channel. If you would prefer to have the option of downloading those Moviez+ flicks instead of just streaming them then you can pay an additional fee on top of the regular monthly membership to activate that option.

At any rate, all told you can check out over 74,841 videos to download. You will find that most are good in quality, but some come in Full HD. However, there are some sites with average-quality vids alongside higher-quality ones. Also the Moviez+ vids have some other downloadable options besides MP4s, but I haven't included those in the stats, because as previously mentioned those aren't available with a standard membership.

As for photos, all scenes include vid caps, but you'll also find more than 3,569 photo galleries. They have mostly medium-res images, but some are high-res and all the sets can be downloaded in Zip files. Of course, you are here for the movies, but it never hurts to have photos to enjoy as well.

When you first sign into the site you are taken right to the video section. You will see thumbnails representing each movie. There are also multiple sorting options and within each video you will find category tags and there is even a category list along the left-hand side of the page should you choose to browse that way. You can also rate the videos on a 5-star scale and add movies to "your favorites," which will make them easy to find the next time you come to the site.

There is also a pornstar section that allows you to browse the different performers by name and then see what scenes they have available. And there is also the "sites" section where you can see a listing of the sites that make up this large network. How about a quick run through of some of the sites that you will find?

There are plenty dedicated to specific performers, like Lex Steele and Sweet Amylee, both of whom do hardcore. Then you have various theme sites, like Only DP and Fuck That Asian. And there are also large studio sites, including Doghouse Digital, Canada's largest producer of hardcore gonzo porn that provides hours of high-quality content.

Obviously, you will see no end to the content, even though many sites aren't updating, like for example, the individual models all seem to have retired. In fact, there were 16 new videos added today (that's including Moviez+ ones) and there is even a timer in the upper right-hand corner of the screen counting down the minutes till the next update.

The only final point that I should make sure that you're aware of is that there is a daily download limit that they prefer to give in number of videos rather than the more traditional GB. It turns out that you should be able to download 100 a day before running into any issues. So, all in all, Brain Pass gets more than a passing grade.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Bobbie

    Score: 10% Date: 03/26/2013

    I wish I had read the reviews. Yes, you have to upgrade to get anything worthwhile, and it's now $39,95 per month. It was available for $89.50 for a full year, so I took the plunge, Instead of upgrading me, these rip-off artists processed a SECOND MEMBERSHIP for the same site I had already joined!!!

    Completely misleading advertising and billing. They assume because it's porn no one will complain to any outside agency (like your cred card company). Total scammers.

  • Comment by: frankie

    Score: 25% Date: 06/04/2011

    Don't bother. Pro - It does have porn...But,I have used a lot of pornsites in my time, they all are crap in there own way, but this one is one of the worst. No mention at the start (maybe in the fine print) that you need to upgrade most of the items doubling the price for the month. Site setup is average at best, a real 'C' grade site that obviously is a 'money turner', no one really giving a shit who cares, and the designs and feel of it makes it seem that no one is really making much effort to make it a good site. All of this I have found out in the first day of activation. Dont be fooled by all the 'sites' and glossyness of the Intro sites, the main site is terrible. Very Drab. You realize as soon as you take the first look at the first page that you have been conned. Of all the sites I recommend, Bang Bros, Brazzers and Reality Kings but as everything you will get bored of them and branch out, then realize they are the only ones that you can trust. The Porno industry at what they do best, Fucking People.

  • Comment by: Tom

    Score: 50% Date: 03/18/2011

    This site is a rip off. About 80% of the videos require that you upgrade your membership (another $29.95) in order to watch them.

    Downloads are a pain in the ass.

    Photos are minimal and disappointing.

    Brazzers and Naughty America are much better values.

  • Comment by: name

    Score: 17% Date: 03/01/2011

    Poor site management. Lots of low quality content to sift through. Restrictive in usage. Will not recommend to anyone.

  • Comment by: rawXXX54

    Score: 75% Date: 02/05/2011


    As of 2/5/2011, a download limit of 100 files per day has been instituted and is not advertised.

  • Comment by: Andy

    Score: 20% Date: 01/13/2011

    Brainpass is now another link to pornstar network. See the review for that site.

  • Comment by: Anthony

    Score: N/A Date: 07/03/2010

    Real pain to just login, several page reroutes during login and site changes. Virus scanner even picked up saying there was a site reroute warning... slow downloads, several problems with logins and not user friendly at all.

  • Comment by: George W Bush

    Score: 100% Date: 01/13/2010

    I like very much brainpass.
    My wife likes harder stuff like john thompson pissing and bukkake stuff.

  • Comment by: bbw-ass-lover

    Score: 5% Date: 11/02/2009

    videos are a pain the ass to switch. What a waste.
    A 5 for the free stuff, that was the best of the site.

  • Comment by: Jon

    Score: 40% Date: 08/14/2009

    Terrible website design, tons of similar content between each site, terrible download quality, infrequent updates, no real upside, unless you like lex steele, or lots of cum.

  • Comment by: Brainpass is CRAP

    Score: 5% Date: 04/09/2009

    Ok there is a lot of unique content but thats where the positives end. I was a member for two months but got so fed up I packed in. Seriously you will be dissapointed if you subscibe to this crap. There is just so many things wrong with Brainpass I could go on all day. Do not be fooled by the previews you see when you click onto the sites from the links from Rabbit reviews. They look really flashy and good quality, but once you have paid you will be treated to poorly designed, bland layout sites and yes all 40 sites are designed in the same bad way. The videos are generally of a poor quality and are broken down into a number of files. There is usually an option to download the whole file on high quality but beleive me the quality is awful. Also I am sure this site has hardly any bandwith, I have a 20mb broadband speed but most of the videos keep buffering every 30 seconds when streaming. So to watch the scene I have to download the whole thing before I can watch it. Most of the content comes from only a few studios, mostly Brandon Iron and Red light district so you know what to expect. If you are really considering buying this junk think again because you will regret it, there are so many other better quality sites, that dont seen to be quantity over quality like this site. Anyone who gave this 100/100 must either be easily pleased or Brandon Iron himself trying to deceive people.

  • Comment by: K9viking

    Score: 75% Date: 12/23/2008

    Poor quality videos. There are hardly no new updates. This site is over rated to say the least. Why it got the rating it got is a true mystery

  • Comment by: brlewis

    Score: 80% Date: 10/07/2008

    Decent network of sites, lots of varied content. However, I'm letting my membership lapse because of lack of updates. Only a few sites update regulary, mostly the 'archive' updates which is just old-ish regular porn, most of the unique stuff updates much less frequently., my favorite one, updates once a month or less. Also, some sites have incomplete video files, which require 3 to 7 seperate downloads to see the whole thing, very annoying if you want to watch a movie.

  • Comment by: ELC

    Score: 40% Date: 09/20/2008

    It's good, but weak. The videos are ok, some absolutely wonderful. You can bookmark scenes you want for later using their bookmark system. Here's the bad part. Some of the files are not completes. We're talking 3 to 7 separate downloads for just one scene. I wanted the Melissa Doll and Cherry Potter vids as well as her friends. But now, I have to get an editing program just to paste each section of the movie together. I like their content, just not how they were packaged.

  • Comment by: tobi

    Score: 90% Date: 09/01/2008

    This is a great site. Especially the Brandon Iron productions are well worth the money. Best cum shot sites ever. Sign up, I didn't regret it.