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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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If you've never seen raw, genuine amateur videos before - hot events unfolding as people are living it - this is your chance for an education. The Habib Show brings you all the gritty and surprising as-it-happens adventures of a self-proclaimed "retired Quiky-Mart worker."

Habib lives in the 'hood and pursues most of his sexual conquests in and around his home stomping grounds. On TheHabibShow you will meet an amazing array of 100% authentic 'hood characters with whom Habib interacts and shares his sexual outings, discoveries and personal contacts. As he says upfront, he fucks whatever comes - the good, the bad, the ugly and even the fat, the drug addicted and the just plain "thick."

There are about 275 videos and the majority come in a good-quality AVI file. I say "about" because it's pretty tough to count all his material. See, Habib usually posts a preview of a movie that's on the way, so when you sort by "latest videos," you get those too. Also, some vids are posted in parts. Basically, it can be difficult to discern just how many different movies you have.

Much of the action is 'hood-based, but he does make some trips to Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. There is one trip to the Dominican Republic that produced a mammoth 90-minute video. There's also a trip to an adult entertainment expo in Las Vegas and that one stretches to an hour and 40 minutes. Although it looks like a lot of pics are available, they're actually just vid caps.

See the milk-squirting chick, Habib's penchant for oil, his romp with the convenience-store clerk and sex with the pimp still in the room. He even gets with a woman who claims she's having chest pains and is short of breath as she rides cock because of her "big heart." Read his fabulous stories attached to each episode, filled with the flavor of having been there and all the spelling mistakes of someone with poor English grammar skills.

This guy is an open book, a real storyteller and reporter at heart. Take a tour through the wildlands with salt-of-the-earth Habib. It's his personal approach to the people he encounters that gives a special quality to this site. He is a fundamentally happy and curious guy who will take almost anything these people give him - and fuck almost everyone while filming it all.

The site looks to update every week or two and you get loads of bonus video feeds. But The Habib Show isn't about the extras. It is about the true-life amateur grittiness of the content - the porn and the rest of it. This is a fun site worth joining.

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  • Comment by: cb

    Score: 95% Date: 08/29/2010

    This site is the very best I visited. Not because of the video work,sound, production value, venues, characters or women (and Habib doesn't lie some of them are down right ugly and fat!!) but 50 years from now people will still be watching this series for insight and humor and to study how cultures, generations, and sexual idenity interelate and and react.

  • Comment by: Brandon Stokley

    Score: 44% Date: 06/10/2010

    terrible site with nasty looking overweight chicks. More talking than action and the most scenes with people not able to get it up that I ve ever seen. Bonus sites not worth it either and were not even posted until I complained. Yes, it is real , but I d rather see staged over 10 minutes of action and 40 of talk and condom changes. Pass