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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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If you've ever gone to a party where there are loads of people drinking, or perhaps enjoying more illicit substances, then you can definitely appreciate the Girls On Party genre. I mean, let's face it, college-aged babes with a little social lubrication certainly begin to behave in a wild and oversexed manner that is enough to drive anyone crazy. The smell of sweat mixed with female pheromones, not to mention the palpable rush of adrenaline and testosterone filling the dance floor, is certainly stimulating for any voyeur.

Keeping that in mind, the idea of spying on folks having fun from afar, like at GirlsOnParty, generally translates into somewhat blurry content when recorded for a website. It does perhaps lend credibility to the online experience as if you are actually there in the dimly lit atmosphere, perhaps slightly blurry-eyed from the few cocktails you consumed to get into the vibe.

This site still lacks in quantity and that is definitely a problem, since with mostly teases and flashes of flesh you might need to see more to feel satisfied. I say "still" because this site has not changed one bit over th elast few years. There is still the same amount of content and everything looks the same.

The 15 downloadable videos come in two good-looking formats, one for clips, the other for full-length files. Each scene lasts about 15 minutes and features lots of thongs, string bikinis, outrageous and revealing costumes, upskirt shots and some sweet and tasty cameltoes. Each video comes with a set of blurry vid caps, but some of them are a bit of bigger frame-wise, which helps.

About half the scenes are shot outside, so the pictures aren't a complete write-off. You can see the details fairly clearly of some of these coeds misbehaving on the beach or in a thong contest. There is some decent nudity (rather than mere glimpses of skin) and there is some lesbian sex as well.

Besides a live link, as a member you also have full access to over 40 other network bonus sites in diverse categories as well as a Gold X Pass to thousands of third-party sites with many other genres. Some of the bonus sites include Amateur Big Naturals, Public Fucked and Wild Latin Ass

Girls On Party offers far too little on its own to merit a recommendation. The fact that the website isn't updating doesn't help matters. There are hot teen babes partying all over the world right this minute and someone is filming it, so you might want to keep looking around. *Note: The trial is only available through SegPay.

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