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By: Chris Parker
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Nottingham, Manchester and Guildford are just a few places in England where a person can find gorgeous babes. These also happen to be some of the locations you get to visit on UK Roadtrips. So you had better buckle up, my friends, because it's going to be a humpy ride.

Yes, I have always loved driving, but when the end of the trail leads to nubile babes in hardcore action, you better bloody well bet that I'll be all over it just like I'm all over UKRoadtrips. When you sign in you're taken to the network's homepage, but all you have to do is choose this site from a drop-down menu.

The last update was back in March 2013, so it's possible they've stopped. You'll find 182 videos with mostly good-quality playback (the most recent five come in HD). Most only come in clips, not full-length files (again, aside from the five most recent). I really wish there were some mobile formats, but I guess that's not the end of the world. I mean, what if I wanted to watch all the road trippin' while I was road trippin'?

As for the whole "roadtrip" theme, sometimes a flick will begin with a dude riding around in a car and then cut immediately to the bedroom before the shagging ensues. There are, however, quite a few movies where a couple of guys drive around and within about two minutes they find a babe to bring home and fuck.

Some of the movies come with a photo set, but there are lots that don't. You will find about 60 sets of high-res photos under the movie download options and the sets pretty much mirror the action in the films. Many of them can be downloaded in Zip files.

You also get access to 12 more sites from the Pack Of Porn network and they're all pretty great, like Anal Petite and Holey Fuck, just to name a couple.

The quality is certainly good, but I wish they were still adding new material. Also, there are some issues with the navigation, like the fact that while browsing you can only skip ahead or back by one page at a time. Still, I really can't see why anyone would pass up an opportunity to take these hot UK Roadtrips!

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