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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Does the word "lollipop" bring you back to the good ol' days when we were all so sweet and innocent and could just suck on a pop with our friends and enjoy a nice summer day? Lolli Hotties is here to ruin that comforting image pretty much forever. There is nothing innocent about what these girls do with their sticky, yet colorful, lollies.

To be blunt, they use them like candy dildos. On LolliHotties the girls play up their cute and playful side in how they dress (with pigtails, sparkly makeup and racy outfits) and in how they suck and lick on the lollipops. There are slim white hotties getting freaky with their confections and also ebony beauties who stick those treats where the sun don't shine.

And it doesn't take long for those suckers to make it out of their mouths and into their other slick pair of lips. I'm not talking just a little rubbing either - these babes fuck themselves with that candy on a stick. One beauty even fucks herself so good she squirts all over the lollipop and the couch. After the rubbing and fucking, the girls don't hesitate to put the pops back in their mouths to sample the new (and improved, in my opinion) flavor. Oh, and these babes don't ignore their Hershey highways either!

The 20 videos are downloadable in Windows Media clips or in one full-length average-quality QuickTime or WMV file. The quality of the full-length versions is much better than the clips and there is also an M4V version that is formatted for portable devices. Each scene comes with a set of high-res pictures. There aren't any Zip files, though.

Personally, I had an issue with the cameraman. He is always talking! At the beginning he is interviewing the girls, which is all good and normal, but he doesn't stop. He is constantly talking to them or telling them how hot it looks and we have to hear him the whole time instead of being able to just enjoy the sexy girl and her lollipop show.

You have to give Lolli Hotties points for an original concept and that they have been updating once a week without fail. The quality really needs a boost, though.

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