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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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We no longer link to this site.

Meet My Secretary is not going to be what you expect. Yes, there are gorgeous ladies dressed in executive suits and servicing their boss, but their boss is a beautiful, petite Asian lady who hires beautiful gals as well as good looking lads too.

The light blue background and simple layout of MeetMySecretary lend a sophisticated air to the site. The navigation is simple. There is a drop down box giving you all the links including some bonus sites, but the easiest way to view the videos and photos is to simply click through to them on the first page.

Unfortunately, it seems as though this site has discontinued updating as there are only two more videos since were we last here, about a year and a half ago.

There are 24 average quality Windows Media videos that play for around 20 minutes each. Every video is downloadable and you have a choice as to which video you watch for each employee. You can choose to watch the action on the bosses handycam, which records everything up close or you can pick to watch it all from the security video, giving you more of a voyeuristic feel to your viewing.

Each video involves the cute boss persuading an employee to sexually satisfy her. There are women and men and some of them satisfy better than others. There is lots of pussy licking and dick sucking as well as fucking, strap-on action and dirty talk. All this takes place in an office, perfect for anyone with a workplace-related fetish. The action is hardcore and whichever cam you choose, you feel like you're right there watching it all, which is a definite plus.

Along with each video, there is a gallery (24 setsin total) containing around 85 average-quality stills from the videos. It's a good way to see what the movies are like before downloading them. You can also watch a little trailer with each movie, which gives you edited highlights of what happens in it.

Meet My Secretary is an interesting work-based site with lots of hot sex and beautiful young women. I like the fact the boss is a woman, which gives this site an edge. The quality is only average, but there is a lot of site specific content and lots of bonus material too including a bunch of free sites and a list of erotic stories to read. This site is definitely worth considering if hardcore sex in the office is your kind of thing.

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