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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
Number of Reviews: 1376
Average Score: 65

Everyone has goals in life and things they want to accomplish before they get old. Some people want to write the great American novel, own their own company or go skydiving. However, in the case of the guy behind 1000 Facials, the goal is to shoot his load all over the faces of 1,000 babes.

So far he's managed to film 410 movies. All the videos can be streamed in an embedded player and downloaded as MP4 and Windows Media files. The newer ones are a lot more impressive and you can count on being able to enjoy Full HD versions of these hot productions. Unlike other sites devoted to girls giving head, these videos are relatively long, with many running for more than 20 minutes.

Each begins with the babe's introduction, where the guy talks to her a little and proceeds to get those annoying clothes off. Then comes the blowjob and sometimes the cock-in-pussy sex. This all builds up to the big money shot that covers the cutie's beautiful face. The action is often shot POV style and is always hot and very satisfying.

There are also 528 sets of pictures. They look fantastic and they're all crisp and high-res. And saving the ones that really catch your eye is easy with the Zip files.

The site has been a little incocnsistent with updates in the past, but the collection is all dated and those dates tell me that they are on a weekly schedule these days. Clicking on the "upcoming" tab brought up a thumbnail of the next scene to be posted so it looks like they are still creating new content.

That's obviously a good thing, as is the fact that there are some bonus sites, including Mommy Blows Best, Only Teen Blowjobs and Throated. They're all part of the My XXX Pass network and as you can see you'll get more great oral sex from them.

Blowjob sites don't get much better than this. With hundreds of scenes that feature amazing cumshots and a great mix of newcomers to the adult biz, as well as established pornstars, it's easy to recommend 1000 Facials.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: XTB

    Score: 50% Date: 12/13/2011

    Quite good HD video quality.
    Nice variety of Girls, something for every taste.
    Fast site, downloads are faster then my internet (2,3MB/s)
    So technically everything is fine.

    Videos are too long and predictable. 20-30min for "BJ only" in 3 positions are boring.
    They should make shorter videos or do more foreplay/fucking or semething else in them.

    Biggest con for me ist that they have no male talent that delivers proper facials.
    Watching girls suck for 30min and then get squeezed out 5 drops on their lips ist NOT what i expect from a facial site.

    All this also counts for the other XXXPass Network sites

  • Comment by: Popeye!!!

    Score: 80% Date: 11/13/2011

    I'm not gay but I love to watch women get cum facialized in a ooeey goey mess and wonder what it would be like to have a guy blow his load in my mouth. I then would do what I alway wanted those women to do and that is swallow that mans goey load and have that salty tasting jizz coated swirling tantlizing in my mouth as I gargle it in my waiting mouth for I have never tasted a mans Orgasm before in my mouth, that would be the thrill to that guy say to me "You like the taste of my cum in your mouth now, so be a good cocksucker and swallow for your "Cocksucker Boss Will Ya" As I induldge in the the creamy captivating salty tasting orgasmic flavor I've so desperately always wanted to do I finally get do, I just hope I suck and swallow his big creaming load of jizz that erupted in my mouth thats oozing out the sides of mouth for I have never had such a big load delicous cum in my mouth. I've never had these thoughts of eating another mans mind blowing orgasmic load that I brought to such a magnificent joyous orgasm in my mouth and on my face oh the joyous orgamic release that let loose from that man balls sack. Oh that was the greatest orgamic release I have ever eaten ever in my life.

  • Comment by: 100facials is bad

    Score: 25% Date: 12/02/2010

    The pro is that if you leave the site before joining, they will offer you a lower price ($18).

    The bad is that the site is very slow, the quality is poor, and not worth using. I spent 2 hours searching for good facials, and could only find 4 that looked interesting... and after downloading, only 1 was good.

    If you are going to spend money on porn, at least buy good porn from a better site.

  • Comment by: Tanza1234

    Score: 30% Date: 08/16/2010

    This site sucks, do yourself a favour and do not wast a dime on buying a membership to this site. And if Rabbit Reviews can rate it as high as it does then I would stay away from this review site. the women are just plain average and the blowjobs are just as average. As for Ameteur babes, haha you have to be kidding