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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Buck Angel

When I first signed into Transexual Man, I was confused because I didn't notice any telltale trannies. I just saw a tattooed, bald-headed guy with a beard who reminded me of the gay leatherman type. So, I figured that maybe I was going to see him doing some chicks with dicks.

However, on the homepage of Transexual Man he is posing with another man, not a shemale, which had me wondering what was up since homosexual humping is not usually mixed into your typical transsexual site. I soon realized that I was being ignorant - not connecting the words "transexual" and "man" directly.

Buck Angel is a man who used to be a woman. I've never seen anything like this before in my life. I've seen transsexuals before and although they were plausibly male, there was still something slightly feminine in their appearance. I've known a few butchy lesbians too, ones I wouldn't cross in a dark alley, but crew cuts and sleeveless flannel shirts don't make women into men. Buck is different. He really looks like a sexy, virile biker dude except, of course, for the tasty pink vagina he's got.

There are about 70 scenes that are downloadable in Windows Media and MPEG format. It may look like there are more vids than this, but that's because some have been posted in a series of clips, while others are full-length files. They offer average-quality playback overall, but despite the low bit rates, they are still worth watching.

You'll see Buck fuck both men and women, suck prick, lick pussy, masturbate, use dildos and, occasionally, take it in both holes. Personally, there is something mesmerizing about watching a hot, virile man rubbing his own pussy or letting a slick dick slide inside something other than just a tight asshole.

There are about 130 photo galleries pics and, again, it might look like there are more since some galleries have been posted in parts. There are solo sets, spreads with guys, others with gals, some of Buck before his transformation and some sets featuring Buck's friends. Since our T-man looks so manly, one might mistakenly think he wouldn't have been an attractive female, but he looks rather glamorous and gorgeous in his "before" shots.

The collection hasn't had any updates in over two months, but there are some extras included with your membership, such as streaming episodes of Buck's reality show, a live webcam show and a blog. The material isn't 100% exclusive, but you won't find it in very many other places.

Normally, rare goods cost more, but this unique experience with Buck Angel on Transexual Man is reasonably priced. Nevertheless, it would be good if the quality of both the photos and the videos was better. 

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