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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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I don't know about you, but whenever I watch the Olympics or the Commonwealth games, I am always left in mouth-dropping awe at the gymnasts. How do they stretch and twist their bodies into such beautiful poses? Their flexibility is amazing. The Russians at CL Studio are flexible contortionists who will make your eyes pop out with some of the positions they manage to get themselves into.

CLStudio looks a little dated, with bulky menus and a mostly white page setup. When you first arrive you find out that the CL stands for Crystal Lizard, although I'm not sure what that has to do with Russian gymnasts. The site is updated once per week.

As far as main content goes, it might look like there are no videos. And it's true that there are no new videos, but they do have a video archive that's hosted on the site. It contains 45 flicks that you can save as clips. The quality is rather poor and they all come in RealPlayer format. Some also offer AVI files that are labeled as MPEGs for some reason, but these are even worse in quality. To get better-looking films, you'll have to check out the bonus sites.

You can start by viewing the 1,293 photo sets by model, but you can also view them by category (ballet, circus, training, fantasy and nature) if you prefer a certain type of photo. Ballet shots tend to show classic ballet moves in leotards, while the circus photos show gals dressed in acrobat gear. Training shows one babe teaching another how to move and fantasy involves gym outfits, fantasy backgrounds and other uniforms.

The photos all look good and now, some of them are high-res. There are around 150 in each set and the content here is very artistic. You will be amazed at the beautiful shapes these gorgeous, lithe ladies manage to hold. The babes are always dressed, so there are no naked photos here.

As a member to this site, you also get full access to CL Videos, CL Bikini and CL Archive. You also get vid caps from chat sessions. CL Studio is a graceful, artistic, non-nude site that will amaze you. The video quality leave a lot to be desired, but if you love incredible pics of ladies who can bend and stretch like pros, then you will love this site. However, you might not love the high-end price.

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