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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Spoiled Virgins

I went into my review of New Virgin Everyday assuming part of that name was a lie. It turns out I was right about that, but wrong about which part. While I was pretty skeptical about the virgin part, it turns out that I should have been more doubtful of the everyday statement.

That doesn't mean I am 100% convinced of the true virginity of the girls but I have to admit I am leaning towards believing it. I have seen many sites that make claims of girls with virgin status on the site and it is pretty obvious after 30 seconds that it isn't the case. However, New Virgin Everyday really emphasizes the truth of that statement and makes efforts to prove it within the scene.

The first thing they do is have a doctor come and examine the girl before they fuck her. This part is more funny then believable as some man or woman in a lab coat spreads the girl's pussy apart for a few seconds before giving them the thumbs up. At this point, I was having major doubts. Then they head into the action (always two guys on the one girl). They undress her and waste very little time getting her in position to stick it in.

One of the guys slides his dick inside her, fucks her for a few seconds and then pulls out. Usually at this point, they grab a cloth or her panties and rub it on her pussy to show the blood from the supposed popping of her cherry. Besides the blood thing, in the NewVirginEveryday scenes I watched, the girls do really look innocent and awkward when it comes to the foreplay and the screams/moans they let out do come across as very genuine signs of virginity.

Like I said before, I am not fully convinced but I do give them credit for making it believable if it isn't real. So far, there are 62 episodes available, each one comes with a set of pictures and an average to great looking downloadable video. The video can be streamed or downloaded in short, 1-minute Windows Media clips. Unfortunately there is no option to get the whole scene in one file. The quality of the older clips is unimpressive but the newer ones look great (520x416, 1240kbps). Speaking of newer videos, New Virgin Everday hasn't added a scene in 3 months.

Bonus content includes 9 bonus sites (some updating some not), 16 streaming content reality sites, over 60 feed sites and over 260 extra photo sets.The lack of current updates and the mediocre quality of the older clips will make the standard membership fee seem expensive for anyone only attracted to the main content theme. However, the good quality of the newer movies and the network as a whole will make it worth a look to those not set only on the deflowering action.

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