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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Stone Castle Publications have years of experience producing spanking magazines and they bring you Vixen Ladies, a collection of no-nonsense women who will punish any man who misbehaves in their company. The content here is completely unique, all filmed at various locations in Poole, Dorset. Some of the women are even available for one-on-one real-life spanking sessions, though a trip to England might be a long way to travel to get your buttocks reddened.

The design of VixenLadies is quite good overall - the colors echo that of a well-punished backside and the navigation is simplicity itself, with everything running off the main menu on the homepage. As you may or may not be able to tell from some of the names of the various sections, there is little to no sexual stimulation in this content except for the spanking, paddling or caning being given out. This is definitely a fetish site, aimed specifically at submissive men who enjoy pain and humiliation.

The 123 videos are mostly split up into two-minute clips and the movies usually come in something like five to nine parts. The newer flicks offer high-def playback. They provide a complete experience as you can see the action and hear the sounds of hands spanking down on butt flesh, as well as the moans and groans of pain and pleasure.

Each video has a theme and some tilted acting, where you can appreciate the beauty of these British beauties and their sexy accents. There are scenes of aunties spanking fully grown nephews, wives beating husbands and cheating guys being punished by their girlfriends. These babes are serious about their punishment, so it's purely and simply about bringing the pain.

There are 278 sets of high-res photos and there are around 70 pics in each set. Still images just don't seem to portray the whole spanking experience very well, but these contain naughty dudes over female knees, leaning over desks and kneeling on a bed, all taking punishment from a beautiful, fully clothed woman.

Way back in the day, there used to be stories and artwork included with a membership, but they've been long gone for a while now. The extras that remain are sample clips taken from websites like Hard Spanking Vixens and Linas House Of Discipline. You can get full access to these sites if you're willing to pay extra when you first sign up.

Vixen Ladies is a well-designed Femdom site. If you are into powerful, no-nonsense women punishing men, then you'll have no complaints about what you get for your money here. Updates get posted twice a week, so things continue to improve.

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