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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Ironically, I'd be too shy to actually watch Gay Public Fun Mobile (or Out In Public Mobile, the site it replicates) anywhere too public. Even if my fellow passengers on the bus or the folks in my local coffee shop didn't notice what was happening on my mobile device, I am sure that they would notice the massive erection in my pants from the hot content.

I am sure that most of the action is carefully planned ahead of time so no one really risks getting in trouble for public indecency. Still the scenes on GayPublicFunMobile do get my heartbeat going. I've always like gay reality porn even if the premises can be hard to believe and the acting quite bad, because I like the idea of seeing a fantasy played out, however implausibly on screen.

Well, truthfully, who hasn't occasionally cruised the urinals in a public restroom or eyed another dude at the gym? Granted you might have looked without touching. Even if you did do a bit of mutual masturbation over a toilet bowl, you might not have risked an exchange of blowjobs, let alone having full-on anal sex, which are both things that happen in every scene on this site.

I will say that the oldest of the 211 videos (no photos) probably takes things the farthest legally when it comes to risky behavior out and about in areas full of civilians who might not take kindly to seeing exposed cocks, let alone cocksuckers and fuckers. They're shot in Florida and that's a conservative place when it comes to obscenity laws.

Still, the newer scenes, shot in the Czech Republic, also push the envelope. The excellent-looking footage shows lots of bareback penetration. Well, to be fair, I did see one barebacking scene where (despite more liberal European views regarding sex) two Czech studs are ticketed for their naughty behavior. The actual confrontation with police isn't shown on film.

I should mention that the site's interface is far from ideal, because you can only move forward or back through the content by one page at a time. There is nothing to really help you out in tracking down a scene you like, either when viewing the collection for the first time (there's no advanced search, keyword tags or even categories to browse) or upon a return visit (you can't save your favorites).

Navigational issues aside, updates are one to two weeks apart at this point, so the site is still growing even if it's not always at the most frequent rate. You don't get any bonus sites, but I think you're getting a good amount of content here for your money.

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