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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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No, Fraternity X isn't some frat associated with Wolverine, Cyclops or any of the other X-Men. What it actually is, is a gay porn site created by an actual frat at the University of Arizona. The guys behind it needed some extra cash to help put them through college, so they put together a website that brings hot dick-sucking and ass-fucking action to those willing to pay for it.

There are basically two sections on FraternityX. There's the homepage, where you'll find links to all the scenes, and an "about our frat" page, where you actually learn very little. It essentially gives you the very same info found in this review's opening paragraph, just without the X-men reference.

Each of the 90 videos has three preview images and a brief write-up that tells you all you need to know about it. I don't love that they're all featured on the same page, but it isn't a fatal design flaw. It's simply annoying that browsing the content necessitates quite a bit of scrolling.

You can't download the movies, so the only way to enjoy them is by watching them online. They stream in a Flash player and look pretty good when you view them with the HD setting selected. They're obviously less impressive when you opt for lower-quality settings. A nice thing about these vids is that you can skip ahead to any point with practically no delay.

These films are raunchy affairs in which it's typical to see several guys getting involved in the action. You're guaranteed to see lots of dick sucking and hardcore ass pounding in every scene. Watch enough of them and you'll also see guys being restrained in different ways and dudes getting peed on. The videos can feel pretty scripted at times, but there are some that make you feel like you're just a fly on the wall in the wildest frat house in America.

There aren't any photos and there aren't any extras. Having access to some goodies would definitely be nice, as a new scene only gets posted once every two weeks. Still, the flicks currently available should keep you pretty busy because they're often pretty long. Some even run for around an hour.

If the thought of being able to see college-aged guys sucking dick and pounding ass sounds good to you, you might want to get yourself a membership to Fraternity X. The site's biggest flaw is definitely the fact that you can't download its videos, but if that's something you can live with, you shouldn't have any trouble enjoying what it has to offer.

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