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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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I've become pretty serious about bodybuilding over the last year or so, so I know the importance of keeping my body healthy in order to avoid potential injuries or developing a compromised immune system. I still haven't gotten around to getting a full physical yet, but after seeing what the process entails on Jock Physical, maybe I should hurry up and schedule one ASAP.

JockPhysical tells you everything you need to know about it right there in the sitename. It's got jocks getting a full physical. Some are ex-marines, others are college athletes and the rest just seem to keep nice and fit. All the scenes take place in the same doctor's office, who has them turn their head and cough while cupping their nuts, gives them prostate exams and even gets sperm samples.

I like that the site owns up to what it is. Obviously this is scripted porn, because I think you'd have a malpractice suit or two (dozen) if a real doctor were to just upload recordings of his patients' exams. Something to do with doctor/patient confidentiality, I'm betting. The "intro" page states that these are all hired models with athletic bodies. It also explains that the doctor on screen isn't actually a doctor in real life, but still his exams are very thorough!

Supposedly, most of these athletes have never had a prostate exam, so watching them get fingered for the first time is pretty hot. But what I found the most entertaining were the "fluid specimens." We're not talking cotton-swabbing the mouth (well, there's that too, but we're not), but rather sperm samples. In one vid, the doc turns on some porn (out of the camera's view) and gives the guy a petri dish to jerk off into. In other scenes, he strokes the guy's cock for him.

There are 286 videos and a new one is added every Tuesday and Friday. The movies can be streamed in Flash and that same file, as well as an MP4, can also be downloaded. However, they all provide average-quality playback and are often quite grainy.

For the most part, the scenes either come with vid caps or no images at all. However, as of June 2014, there is usually a four-panel photo beneath the streaming player. These are usually vid caps as well, but I spotted two pics that were kind of like mug shots. The first panel showed the stud posing with just his pants, while the other three showed you his bare front, side and back. The pics are low-res, but clear enough.

The site's design is quite dated, but it's simple to navigate and doesn't distract you from enjoying the content. There are no extras, but you can buy copies of the scenes on DVD and there's a blog.

I will point out that none of these guys are really muscle-bound jocks, but some have great guns and ab-tacular torsos, while none of them would ever be considered chubby. So although the design is bland and the video quality could be much higher, if you like hot guys playing doctor, then let me write you a prescription for this site.

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