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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

It sounds like a bad joke, but Midget Sex Zone is a site about little people that only has a little amount of content. Actually to be fair, the overall amount of content is okay, it is the midget action that is sorely lacking. Let me explain further.

As I signed into MidgetSexZone I noticed that there was a graphic on the page stating that it was voted the number one midget sex site. Having reviewed about five other sites from the same network I was pretty shocked to see that (given how unimpressed I was with those other sites). However, I logged in with an open mind, which quickly closed as I saw the same quality as on all the others.

In case you missed my reviews of the other sites from the network, they all go like this: The site has picture sets that fit the category and then a video section filled with feed sites not having anything to do with the category at hand. And that pretty much sums up this site as well.

The gallery section consists of 56 photo sets. The action is pretty much all hardcore and features mostly Bridget The Midget fucking full-sized men or Tiny Peter fucking full-sized babes. The sets are all nonexclusive and the pics are all medium-res. The sets aren't overly large, but it's still a pain that there aren't any Zip files.

As for the videos, the section is, like I said, just a collection of feed sites (90 of them at this point) of which only one is a midget site. Now, you are thinking, "well, at least there is one," Well, let me burst that bubble for you by telling you that that one site is actually a pay-per-view site and that, besides a few preview clips, you will have to pay extra to watch any of these movies.

So, the one feed site that actually fits the niche you came here to see is the one you need to pay extra for. I call foul on that. So, although they claim to be voted number one, after having spent some time at Midget Sex Zone I am thinking about asking for a recount.

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