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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Strangely enough, the one thing that you won't see on Czech Pool is an actual pool. Instead, what you're really spying on in this voyeuristic collection is an outdoor changing area and shower that is presumably poolside. You'll mostly see babes fresh from a swim, showering the pool water off before changing back into street clothes and leaving.

I say that it's "mostly" what you'll see on CzechPool, because in at least one case, you'll see a chubby older woman enter the area clothed, then strip down for a quick shower before sitting down to do some serious ladyscaping in her bikini zone. Normal enough, maybe, before donning a swimsuit, but she never actually changes into swimwear. Instead she just puts her clothes back on and leaves.

I am not sure how appropriate I find it for someone to groom her nether regions in a public place, but it's probably more suitable behavior than the naughtiness of the couple who appears in another scene. At first you might think they're being green by showering together, but then a blowjob ensues and they waste a lot of water in the end, besides probably causing a line outside the change room.

There's no money shot, but that, along with the shaving one I mentioned, is about as far as they push the envelope in the 18 high-def videos. Otherwise, you're treated to the standard voyeur experience that you'd expect from a website with this kind of theme. Girls simply change out of their swimsuits, shower off and then get dressed before leaving.

There aren't any photos and that's true of most of the sites on the Czech AV network that you can access with your membership, like Czech Streets, Czech Solarium and Czech Cabins. One exception is Czech Casting, although it doesn't provide the same kind of voyeur-themed action as the other sites do.

Not concerning ourselves with the bonuses, I think that as it stands now Czech Pool is too small to recommend. However, all the scenes were added in the last 30 days, so if they continue to update at such an impressive rate then this collection should grow to a more appealing size rather rapidly.

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