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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Czech Harem claims that it caters to 3.5 billion men. That's pretty much all the men on Earth. I think that number might be slightly off as there are plenty of fellows who prefer dick to pussy, but I understand what they're implying. Doesn't every hetero guy want to be surrounded by 21 chicks all wanting to bang him?

Yes, this site has what it says is the biggest "reverse gangbang" of all time. There's one boner and 21 cooters in each episode and the guy gets to fuck these girls as much as he pleases. Several babes give him head and offer him their tight bods and that obviously includes their sweet holes.

Are you envious yet? Just imagine chicks of all shapes, sizes and looks crawling over each other to get their mouths on your privates. And let me tell you, they all appear to be very eager beavers. My main issue is that there are only four videos and they all come in 3-4 parts. So not only isn't there a lot to see, but you have to keep interrupting yourself to play the next clip.

The first parts of the movies include an interview between a woman and the lucky guy. She tells him his dream has come true and then the hotties file in and one-by-one stand in front of him and strip. He spanks a bum here and grabs a tit there and his mounting excitement is prominent. We then get to the blowjob and sex.

I thought I would see a lot more girl/girl action as there must be a lot of downtime for some honeys, but they all really zero in on what's going on with the guy. They're either standing close by so he can caress them while fucking another, or just watching and smiling to keep his enthusiasm at an all-time high. (After all, I imagine they all want their turn.)

You're able to stream the movies in a large embedded player and you can save every flick as an MP4 and an HD Windows Media file. The footage is a mix of third-party filming and POV, so sometimes you really feel like you're surrounded by all these randy sirens. There aren't any pics, though. All the dialogue is in Czech, but they offer English subtitles, so you won't get lost.

The design is simple, yet professional, and the navigation is very straightforward. You can get right to the main collection when you sign in and the Czech AV network sites are listed down the side and are easy to get to. Oh, you read that right. There are 18 to be exact and they offer plenty more mouthwatering sites for your perusal. Many have a reality/voyeur bent and all offer more sizzling Czech honeys. My faves are Czech Casting and Czech Taxi, but you can get more group sex on Czech Gangbang and Czech Home Orgy.

I think it's obvious that four movies won't last you more than one afternoon. I should also mention that all the scenes were added on one day in March (about two weeks ago as I write this), so updating is unclear and a little slow. Although I appreciate what Czech Harem is producing (along with apparently 3.5 billion dudes), I can't suggest you sign up until they have a bigger collection.

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