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Updated on: 01/12/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1382
Average Score: 65

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  • This collection has exploded in size and they've managed to add 1,879 videos and 2,239 photo sets. Often, 10 days out of the month won't see any new content being added, but in the last 30 days alone they added over 70 flicks and 90 sets of pics.

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Rabbits Reviews Rise Award Nominee

For a second I thought Cherry Pimps would be all about dudes popping girls' cherries or something to that effect. But, alas, no. The hotties on this site have definitely already had their cherries popped and are very experienced in the art of sucking and fucking, or just masturbating depending on the scene.

The first thing I did after signing in to the site was try to determine its theme. And that's when I realized it was a mega-site. (I probably should have realized that sooner, but I was distracted by all the hot pussy.) In the end, there's no one theme because all the sites have their own.

There are lots of solo scenes on Cherry Spot and plenty of hardcore sex scenes on Crazy Fucking Sluts and Making Mom Proud. Check out the cum eating on Swallow My Nut and Jizz Jugglers, or the old man/young babe action of Dave Cummings. You'll also find pornstars doing live cam shows multiple times a week and those shows look to be archived on Wild On Cam. At the top of the homepage are countdown clocks to when the next babe will be performing.

There are nearly a dozen sites in all and you can browse each one individually or go through the entire collection and sort by various criteria like "most recent" or "most popular." There's also an advanced search, content tags and model profiles. Now, I loved having both browsing options, but there was one issue I had when it came to browsing the entire collection.

You see, folks, I could only jump ahead or back by a few pages at a time. Why is this a problem? Well, currently there are over 150 pages of content and that means lots of clicking to get to the last page or even to a specific page in the middle somewhere. So as the amount of content grows so too do the number of pages and the annoyance of only being able to navigate a few at a time rather than just jumping to the one I want.

And although there were 10 days or so without any new content, they still managed to post 73 videos and 90 sets of pics in the last month alone. As I write this, there are 4,908 movies. Each comes with both streaming and download options and while the older ones are lower in quality, many come in Full HD. As for the photos, the older scenes just have vid caps, but about 4,639 movies come with high-res pictures.

The scenes all come with the ability to rate them on a 5-star scale, save them to your favorites and post comments. There are also category tags and you can even suggest new ones that you think are missing for a particular scene. There's also an advanced search engine, which is great with so much porn to sift through.

There are a lot of networks out there and there are a lot of good ones as well. And based on the amount of content, the quality of most of it and the frequent updating, Cherry Pimps looks to be right up there with the good ones.

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  • Comment by: Ramzi.Zananiri

    Score: 1% Date: 04/12/2016

    very bad behavior from the customer support and they block you if you use any download mangers i am a member of most porno site this one worse i ever in i do not recommend

  • Comment by: dashhart

    Score: 85% Date: 09/02/2015

    I like this site very much. I have only gone to the main sites and haven't visited the extra sites yet (when I do might update) Most of the videos seem to be more high quality stationary webcam that is at a good angle and only moves and zooms to keep most everything (head to toe) in frame. Which I think is refreshing, seeings how that is the main scene. I am so tired of 90% of porn being: way to close (most closeups i see would be way better if the cam was back an inch or 2) there is a time for close ups, but fast action, and balls/dick going in a pussy is not one of them; shooting up: another way overused pointless shot (exp: when your talking to people, reverse cowgirl, spooning (yes when spooning it not shooting up, but its the same shit shot); yes I am still ranting the cam isn't moving to a new position every 5 seconds and the guy behind it isn't shaking like he is having a seizure. In my perfect world they could incorporate these shots to the "main scene" (except the ADD and the seizure), but for now I will expect the stationary webcam focus.

    Pros: great quality, fast downloads, lots of content, refreshing change

    Cons: quality of stills: either the camera (don't think it matters, cause I got better quality with a cam that wasn't even a dslr way over 8 years ago) or lens they use for stills is a piece of shit, or the guy behind it has no clue that it has settings or how to use them. Has got to be some of the blurriest high resolution stills I have seen in years. If you want the pics I wold suggest the low res seeings how there is not much difference other the about 400MG+

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 70% Date: 02/17/2015

    Original content

    Very good quality of the videos and pictures.

    Is different form other sites.

    Super slow downloads!!!

    Many videos are corrupted/damaged/bad rendered. Specially old ones. They make large videos that sometimes cant be played form the beginning to the end. Or that you can't skip to a certain minute of the scene.

    Sometimes scenes are monotonous, not too much variety on male performers.