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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Technically, Wild On Cam describes pretty much any porn movie you've ever seen given that for it to be a movie, there has to be a cam filming the girls doing their wild thing. However, this site is being a little more specific in their use of the phrase in that they are referring to babes performing on live cam for you.

So, why is this site not in the Live Cam category, you ask? Well, that is a good question and the reason is because the actual "live" part is a small percentage of the site compared to the rest of the collection, which is a large archive of all the recorded live shows.

There are 1,155 episodes available as I write this. The photos are high-res images and most of the movies offer a Full HD option for streaming and downloading. Also, based on the dates, they look to be updating almost every day with a new archived show. As for the actual live shows, the top of the homepage lists the next three coming and how long until they are live.

Right now I have four hours to wait till Vicki Chase is going to perform. In one day and almost nine hours from now I will get to check out Brooklyn Chase and in a little over four days Tory Lane will be live. As you can see, there looks to be only a few shows per week, which is why the archives are so important and the real draw of this site.

The site offers an advanced search, content tags and model profiles, but it is here that I must mention the one navigational issue I had. You see, there are over 50 pages of content and I could only skip ahead five pages at a time while browsing. This can get frustrating and will only get more so as the site continues to grow.

The shows can be anything from a solo performance to a hot lesbo show to a straight hardcore performance in which the girls bring in a dude to suck and fuck. The sessions last 40 minutes to an hour and the archived ones look to give you the full session, with all the chatting in the chatroom, answering questions and stripping and fucking, etc. More good news is that your membership gets you access to the large Cherry Pimps network featuring 10 other sites.

Wild On Cam may be the best of both worlds for those who love the whole live cam experience. Gorgeous porn babes will perform live for you and when you can't catch them live you can experience their full shows anytime you want with the main collection. This one is worth considering.


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  • Comment by: Ramon

    Score: 70% Date: 04/07/2014

    Exclusive and unique content
    Very good material

    Mega slow downloads. My internet is 5mb, with this speed I have no problems downloading videos around one hour length in 1080p. But in Wild On Cam it takes almost a complete day!. Even in the bonus sites like Cherry Pimps where the length of videos are 22 mins, still takes a lot to download.

    I use to download the complete video on the highest resolution on every site. But it is frustrating when you download a video on Wild On Cam and it has issues playing the video that took almost all day to be downloaded. I have to remark that the videos that had problems where well downloaded using a download manager, and using a very good player [players in this case to test and check that this wasn't my fault]. The problems that you may find [especially if you download the complete video in one file in the highest res] are: The video stops playing usually in the half [around the minute 20 or 30] and an error pops saying that the file cant be played. And the most common, if you want to jump some minutes forward it takes a while to continue playing the video [my laptop has core i7 and 8gb of ram] so you can expect that if you computer has less power it will take longer.

    I consider Wild on Cam [and the bonus sites] a very good site in general, but with the download problems and the poorly organized videos is hard stay for a long time.