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April Scott

By: April Scott
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Just so everyone is clear, you don't actually see anyone eating cum on Eat Your Cum. You see, all the videos are shot POV style, so it's all just make-believe. The Femdom scenes all have one or more sexy females encouraging you (the camera) to stroke your schlong, shoot your load and then slurp it all up.

There's a wide range of women in EatYourCum's 48 videos. You have slim babes who look like peppy cheerleaders, but also more Gothic babes and some who could pass for a glam pornstar. Just like there's a broad range in Dommes, there's also a variance in video quality. Quite a few are in HD, but you'll come across lower-quality footage, too. There's a 3GP file alongside the MP4 options, but I couldn't get it to download.

Most hotties film their scenes while wearing lingerie or a racy outfit, but a few also appear topless. This will certainly get your motor running as they all have smoking-hot bods, with luscious curves and smooth racks. It would have been nice to get a model index to learn a bit more about the performers, but, sadly, there isn't one. There also aren't any real photos, just vid caps.

You won't find any keyword tags, but there is a basic search where you can enter a keyword. The search just combs the scene titles for that word, though, so if it doesn't include "topless" or "redhead" and that's what you're looking for, you'll be out of luck. It might not be too bothersome yet, but once the collection grows, it certainly will be, especially when the site is updating almost daily.

The design is fine, but do be aware that the "home" button will not take you to the homepage. Clicking it will take you the Femdom Craze homepage where you'll be able to view all the scenes from all 10 network sites. To get back to the cum-eating, you can click "sites" and choose the appropriate thumbnail.

If you're a true Femdom fan, however, you'll be on that network quite a bit. You get all those sites as bonuses and many are also shoot POV style. Ballbusting POV, Chastity Craze and Jerk Your Dick are a few examples I think you'll really enjoy.

Some of the performers are better at creating a mood than others, it's true, but POV cum-tasting isn't something I see all the time. The bottom line is that Eat Your Cum has frequent updates on its side and most of the content is exclusive, but I would like to see consistently higher video quality.

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