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April Scott 

By: April Scott
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Hotkinkyjo is a woman after my own heart. She does all kinds of kinky things, but her biggest talent is what she can do with her butt. She can fill it with mini-basketballs, a 40cm dildo, a load of cherry tomatoes, a horse speculum and even two or three fists. Wait, just to be clear, not all of that goes in at once. Oh yeah, this woman isn't just your average anal fan. Gaping and anal prolapse are the norm here and you'll also find a bit of tasty Femdom.

If that didn't whet your appetite for what this dark-haired kinkster has to offer then perhaps you'll enjoy watching a cock penetrate her rosebud or her female submissive drink the milk that Hotkinkyjo used for her enema. One of my favorite scenes has our star "cooking" with candies, bananas and whipped cream. She doesn't need a blender or even a handheld beater - all she needs is that gaping wide butt of hers to mix all those goodies together. Her sub gets to enjoy that particular concoction as well.

The design is pretty slick and there are separate sections for the movies and photos. The only thing that might be a bit annoying is all the scrolling in the sections. Each movie and photo sets has a good-sized preview image and a descriptive title, so you'll know what to expect. Right now, you can watch this tall, gorgeous babe do her thing in 144 movies and 102 photo sets. You can also peruse screenshots for every flick.

I'm a bit disappointed that you can't download any of the movies or pics, but at least the quality is terrific with HD streams and big high-res images (1800x1200). Hotkinkyjo has such a slender frame, so you'd think her butt couldn't possibly do what it does. I watched her anus take another chick's arm elbow-deep and you could see HKJ's belly bulge as the girl's arm moved around in there.

I have to admit, this chick's gape is impressive. And not only do other men and women put their hands in her butt, but she just does it herself when no one is around to help. I didn't really think I could love wine more than I already do, but when I saw a bottle standing upright out of her backdoor, I immediately felt a little intoxicated.

I also appreciate all the sexy costumes. She will dress as a naughty maid who puts 11 ping-pong balls in her ass (and then a huge butt plug) or act like a horny female construction worker who ass-fucks a big orange cone. Her raunchy cop scene has her using a horse speculum and the longest dildos I've ever seen.

Updating is every few days, but a new movie is only posted about once a week. There isn't anything in the way of extras and her blog is pretty outdated now. Still, there aren't a ton of sites offering Hotkinkyjo's unique brand of kink. I am a big fan of this babe and even if you can't save any of her porn, those who want extreme insertion/anal play need to sign up immediately.

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  • Comment by: curious

    Score: N/A Date: 01/02/2014

    This is my review which got truncated on DGG, but I think it applies to this site too...

    Despite the warnings, I thought I'd give it a go and accept that I'd have to wait a whiles for each clip to buffer.
    The material really is awesome, and I think Donna is really cute, but I live in an area of poor broadband and it took forever to buffer, but worse than that, it had little jumps every couple of seconds when playing, even at reduced quality.
    I would sign up for DGG and HotKinkyJo (which seems to be the same format) if I could watch sensibly.
    I don't believe the pirates are beaten by this anyway, so come on DGG and HKJ, give the customers what they want and I'm sure they'll flock to you!