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Will Peters

By: Will Peters
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The saying may be "desperate times call for desperate measures," but I'm not sure every guy would be willing to go as far as these ones do just to earn some cash. You see, on Desperate Straight Guys they don't just strip nude to masturbate, like on some other sites dedicated to the admiration of straights. No, here they suck dick and some get fucked up the ass.

I admit to having my doubts about sites like DesperateStraightGuys as far as whether the performers are truly heterosexual. Personally, handjobs, blowjobs and anal sex are one thing, but seeing two men kiss is quite another if they're really not into each other. I'm sure not everyone shares that opinion about making out, but let me just say the studs in these scenes don't seem to mind locking tongues.

Then again, maybe they're simply trying to put off their first taste of precum, or for those anal virgins who are going to be bottoms, I can imagine that you might want to buy some time before a hung guy pops your cherry. Either way, I like that although you've got lots of hotties with that typical twink appeal, you've also got jocks, stockier hunks and some hairy specimens.

Updates work out to about twice a week and you'll find 74 videos already online. You can stream the MP4s in an embedded player and if you download them you'll discover that they all have great-quality stats, but some aren't as crisp as you'd expect. Also, they only come with vid caps that are clear enough even if they're not that big.

The movies have a real amateur feel, replete with predictably bad acting in some cases, not to mention some rather makeshift-looking sets, but it's probably a question of camerawork rather than the equipment being used. Still, the lens gets right into the heart of the action, so no bad angles will block your view of the penetration.

There don't appear to be any bonus sites, but I will say this straightaway about the membership (or should it be gayaway?). They've made it highly competitive considering the amount of content and the quality (blurry moments in the flicks aside). Desperate Straight Guys is too good to pass up, so much so that I wonder how much cash the heteros actually pocket.

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