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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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The operative word in Pet Girls is "pet" and I don't mean that the women are engaging in heavy petting. They wear leashes and shock collars, fetch, have their "udders" milked and eat out of bowls on the floor - and that's not even the half of it. There is obviously domination of submissive females and they're seen as pretty much worthless property. As you'll read in the descriptions, the site is big on degrading the "pets" and talks a lot about stripping them of their dignity.

There's a large collection of pet play here and I would have liked to see a search engine, keyword tags or categories that would allow me to find specific things. The photos and videos each have their own area, but you're stuck scrolling through a lot of content if you want to see just pets with toys or fetching or girls in cages.

The design is fine, with a lot of pink coloring, which I guess is to play up the female-pet aspect. Navigation isn't too difficult (as I mentioned, there are sections), but there aren't any page numbers, so you'll have to be content using "next" and "back" buttons to get around. This made it hellish to count all the material, but, hey, that ain't your job, is it?

There are about 565 videos and around 1,262 picture galleries. Some films are split into clips, but you'll get many that are in their full length. It looks like like you get several formats in which to view the scenes, but not all of them have a download link. The newest additions are mostly available inHD Windows Media files. Some also have an MP4 file. The QuickTime, MPEG and RM files only come into play with the oldest updates.

The pets are all cute, of course, and some sport pig noses and tails, ears and muzzles. Many suck on dildos and I did see one girl suck an actual dick. There's even a scene with Nina Hartley! Sometimes you'll see in the description that the movie was a member's request. You can submit your own in the "about" section and also read some submitted by others.

The pictures are split into "photo only galleries" and "photo feature galleries." The former houses medium and high-res pictures of the pets doing all kinds of things and the latter gives you smaller sets with accompanying descriptions and text from the member's request. My main issue was that there aren't any Zip files. There's also a "guest" gallery that consist of pics taken from other websites.

They have an update log and it looks like they update all of their sections pretty frequently. You can expect about nine new movies in a month's time, but they also show dates for when photos, requests and letters are posted. In terms of extras, you can read erotic stories, check out art by Simon Benson and peruse pet-related news and interviews from around the world.

The membership fee is pretty reasonable for all you're getting and the site has definitely made improvements over the years, both in quality and quantity. If you appreciate BDSM and female pet play, I think you've found a winner with Pet Girls.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: RoryM

    Score: 80% Date: 02/28/2010

    I have just subscribed to this site, and I must admit I was a little wary given the previous comments. However I was really into the content so I decided to try it out for myself.
    This site is EXCELLENT if you like the theme! There are lots of downloadable videos and tons of high rez images of really hot big titted girls being humiliated. I dont know what the site was like when the other rated it but I can assure you its not like that now anyway. I think its well worth the money.
    However, some of the vids are not great quality (but still worth downloading) and I would like to see the whole video, where the girl walks into the room and being stripped and harnessed. In short -
    Great models !
    Loads of downloadable vids
    Lots of high rez images
    Easy navigation and professional site

    Some videos of lower quality
    Some videos are incomplete
    A little too soft core.
    Dreadful music and canned laughter in parts!

    Saying this the pros out weigh the cons for me easily. Overall the site is worth the money and if pet girls are your thing then youll love it !

  • Comment by: Simon

    Score: 90% Date: 08/14/2009

    These reviews are outdated and severely wrong.

    This site rocks!! There are lots of stories, plus artwork, letters and unique movies in 720 x 406 in DivX and WMV.

    The petgirls are a real broad range of beauties - mostly from the UK.

    I'm not sure how this site can't be 'on topic'? It's totally on topic!!?

    Really imaginative and very unique and updated.

    If you check the official review score it's not the same as these poor 'independent' review scores.

  • Comment by: Randy Morton

    Score: 30% Date: 02/28/2009

    Sadly i have to agree, the site is almost always out of topic!, i wanted to see women treated like cargo animals or companion pets but its only a facade for a 3rd rate porn site