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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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If you're looking specifically for shemales then The Tgirl Pass is really not tailored to your needs. Indeed, most of the performers found across the 10 sites (like Pantie Boyz and Cross Dress Parties) are from the U.K. and over there they use shemale and crossdresser interchangeably - and crossdressing turns out to be the focus here.

TheTgirlPass does feature quite a bit of diversity though in how the crossdressers manage to get their rocks off. You'll see them in bisexual encounters with men not dressed as ladies as well as with others who, like them, hide cocks under their frocks. However, they also play with transsexuals and with women, both those who offer pussies for fucking and those who fuck their crossdressing asses with strapons.

Updates appear to happen on a weekly basis or once every two weeks for most of the sites, so overall you can count on getting over 25 updates during a 30-day period. You'll probably see even more new additions to the sites, but I am speaking of videos specifically. Some of the sites add pics between video updates while others seem to concentrate on adding flicks more.

At any rate, there are 212 videos and although they're not all equal when it comes to their bit rates, you can count on good-quality playback for the most part. Keep in mind though that the scenes don't always have the highest production values and in some cases the dialogue has been dubbed over by loud dance music. There are also 856 photo galleries to download in Zip files.

As far as the interface goes, it's simply a list of links to the various sites on the network. Each individual site has lots of features, though, including the ability to save your favorites, leave comments and rate the scenes. You won't find any keyword tags or an advanced search (granted, you're not really faced with collections large enough to require searches).

Now it's time to get down to brass tacks a bit and I want to be frank with you while also being a bit diplomatic. If you're looking only for crossdressers who could pass for women if they were out and about in the streets, well, you'll find that, but there's a spectrum, from very feminine to clearly a male wearing female attire.

That variety also adds spice to the action here, because there are scenes with very macho guys who like being serviced by a pretty little crossdresser and then there are the shoots with more passive women (sometimes with a shemale added to the mix) where it's almost like a lesbian encounter with the added bonus of real dicks instead of strapons.

They also have some Femdom material involving a Domme named Jane and although she does strapon-fuck some rather fetching crossdressers, she also loves to get kinky by sissifying guys. She might make them wear makeup and a wig, but it might simply be that they're wearing panties or stockings. Stubble, hairy legs and sometimes hairy chests provide intense contrast.

A membership is a rather standard price and then goes down a bit after the first month. I think The Tgirl Pass serves fans of amateur crossdressing quite well even if quality on some sites varies. I should also mention that some of the content appears on other sites owned by the same company that aren't included, so we consider it partially exclusive.


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  • Comment by: Gary T

    Score: 80% Date: 04/02/2014

    Thanks for the review, I have now joined The Tgirl Pass on your recommendation, loads of content to choose from about 10 sites, good value for money! Updates are frequent too, just hope they can keep up adding new content frequently!

  • Comment by: scott

    Score: 1% Date: 02/06/2014

    A big waste of my hard earned money! This site is comprised of left over crap from other sites. videos are poor quality.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:02/06/2014): Thanks for the comment, Scott. To confirm, the majority of the content is exclusive to the network and not leftover from other sites.