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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Pierre Fitch

When I first visited Pierre Fitch, I thought I wanted to impregnate its star. Despite the impossibility of this reproductive miracle, even given today's advancements in science, I still wouldn't mind being a least metaphorically impregnated by his sperm. However, Pierre Fitch Online was in fact a mixed blessing since although Fitchy is undeniably hot, his content is less so in some ways.

Sometimes in life I've gotten the impression that the beautiful people, male or female, are a disappointment sexually because they think they don't need to try as hard as the average folks in life do. When it comes to porn that attitude translates to individual sites with mediocre content and plenty of solo time, with too little hardcore to keep us stoked to stroke. PierreFitchOnline only has about 40 videos and six sets of pictures.

Pierre's videos are hot, but they're not as exciting as they could be because you can't download them. Instead, you're stuck streaming them in an embedded Silverlight player. The flicks are kind of average looking, but they can still be enjoyed as they often showcase Pierre's blowjob and ass-fucking skills. Pierre's solo vids are pretty enjoyable too, as it's quite a treat to watch him get naked and stroke his cock. 

Pierre's photo section is a bit of a mess. There are actually vids in the pic section and many of the photo galleries are empty. Due to all this, it looks like there are a lot more image sets than there actually are. The pics aren't very big, but they do look good despite their size.

As far as extras go, there are some live cams and that's about it. Behind-the-scenes stuff and special features are said to be on the way and though Pierre used to do live shows, he seems to have stopped. It's too bad that you don't get more extras since Pierre's website hasn't seen an update in several months.

Pierre Fitch Online has some decent content, but it's got its fair share of problems too. With no updates in months and movies that you can't download, you'll only want to give this website a look for a month at most

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