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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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They say that a little OTK goes a long way. And by "they" I mean me. After all, a little TLC won't get your lazy employees to do their job when they're goofing off instead and it also won't teach disobedient students to follow the rules of the school. But Spanking Them, on the other hand, will let them know that you mean business.

A lot of people associate a spanking with an open-palm booty slap, but you're getting more than just that here. SpankingThem does delivers OTK scenes, but you'll also catch chicks being leashed like a dog and made to get on all fours before getting smacked on the ass. Also, there are babes who have their booties beaten red with canes, rulers, sticks and even chains. I also spotted fingering and babes being fucked with dildos while being spanked, but those are rare.

There are only only 31 movies and you won't always get subtitles. That's a shame, because it's not always clear why the sexy European beauty is being forced to strip down and take a spanking. You can expect mostly good-quality playback at this point, although some flicks are only average in quality.

The 31 photo galleries may at first disappoint you when it comes to the clarity and crispness of their high-res images. In fact, you might almost think that some of the pics are merely vid caps, but that's partly because they appear in an embedded display smaller than their original size, distorting their focus. Admittedly, some even viewed in their full size seemed a tiny bit blurry.

You get bonus movies from other sites, but they don't have their own section. Instead, they are thrown in among the main videos and the only way you can tell them apart is by their watermarks. The members' area is a single black page with one scene listed after another. 

The layout isn't too bad at the moment, but once more material gets added, you'll be stuck doing a lot of scrolling. At the top of the page, you'll find a "requests" link, which is good for letting them know what you want to see in future videos. You can also rate all the scenes.

A new scene is only being added every 10 days. The tour claims that there are many "bonuses and surprises," but the only surprise is that there are no bonuses. Hopefully that will change in the future, because there's not enough material here to keep you busy for long.

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  • Comment by: sailingnaked

    Score: 55% Date: 05/10/2014

    All the videos can now be downloaded, but none of the downloaded videos have subtitles so there's essentially no story line to follow. Some of the girls are quite cute, some are a bit long in the tooth and some of them could use some grooming, if you know what I mean. The emphasis seems to be more on humiliation as most of the spanking is fairly perfunctory. The girls usually finish up with red bums, but none of it looks at all painful. In many cases, the girls are made to spank their own inner thighs, but it's very half-hearted. Almost every video ends with the girl masturbating herself, sometimes with a dildo, sometimes just with her fingers, sometimes with help, sometimes on her own. The camerawork tends to be jerky and you often wish the cameraman would hold the shot rather than moving around. Lots of potential here but not as polished as a pay site should be.