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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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If you're not familiar with the star of Selena Squirts, I can tell you that she's a hot redhead, although I'm not sure if the red is natural, because there isn't any carpet to match the drapes - it's bare hardwood down there. At any rate, besides a shaved pussy, she's also got a nice body and little titties that you know would fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Given that it's called SelenaSquirts, you might expect that all 18 videos would involve squirting, but that simply isn't the case. Only a third of them (one seems to involve peeing rather a real squirt session) show anything that could possibly pass for female ejaculation. Otherwise, it's just straight-up masturbation and some archived webcam shows.

Truth be told, two of Selena's squirt scenes seem to have been filmed during webcam shows and even though they have the same options are far as their downloaded files, the footage isn't quite crisp enough to actually see the squirting. Two others also seem to be recorded live performances, but you'll see the sweet liquid landing on the camera lens.

The best of the squirters actually doesn't involve Selena doing the squirting. Instead, she helps another woman ejaculate using her fingers while the chick aggressively thrusts a vibrator into her pussy. At one point a glass is filled and Selena drinks from it. However, my favorite moment is when she gets an unexpected burst of lady juice right in her face - the look of shock is priceless.

As mentioned before, one of the six squirt vids involves her peeing. It happens in a strange public restroom that consists of two men's urinals and a bidet without any toilet nearby. I wanted to read the entire "women only" sign posted above the bidet so that I'd have a better idea of what was what, but there aren't any photos for this scene or the others and the video doesn't show it head-on.

You don't get any bonus sites with your membership, which may explain why they're charging a lower-than-average price and the plan is nonrecurring to boot - they must know that they're not offering a lot of content and it's been over two months since the last update. Selena Squirt isn't worth joining even if the cost is relatively low.

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