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Derrick Rogers 

By: Derrick Rogers
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Usually the sight of a sexy, muscular chick with giant trapezoids and biceps might cause a person to bristle. But there's an exception to every rule - and the exception to this one is the sexy Suzy Kellner. This babe clearly relishes her time in the gym. Thankfully, she also enjoys posing in order to show off her big boobs, rock-hard abs and ass to die for!

SuzyKellner is still relatively new, so you'll only find four videos that can be streamed in HD Flash files. There are also six photo galleries, each with a wide array of amazing high-res images. Unfortunately, neither the scenes nor the images can be downloaded. Also, the "video gallery" and "porfolio" both contain the vids, so I'm not sure why they need to be repeated.

One thing you'll quickly notice and admire about Suzy is her boldness - she loves being the center of attention. In one memorable scene, you'll see this Hungarian beauty don furry, white angel wings along with a white bikini that shows off every tight muscle in her well-toned buttocks. The crazy thing is, she's on a public street in Budapest!

While watching her flex her enormous biceps, you might worry about how safe it is for her to shoot at nighttime - until you remember that she is capable of bench-pressing quite a bit of weight. But it's evident that Suzy is quite comfortable in her own skin and this translates to her having some high-quality shoots.

There are some links located near the top of the page that I presume take you to her Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, but none of them worked. On the plus side, the background layout shows a slow-moving image of Suzy's body, which is a pretty sleek touch. There's also a basic search and keyword tags and you can leave comments. You won't get any bonuses, though, and it's virtually impossible to tell how often (or if) new content is added since nothing is dated.

Suzy Kellner might be a physically strong individual, but her site is rather weak when it comes to the amount of material. You'll definitely want to wait until the collection has hit the weights and gotten bigger before you even think about getting a membership.

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