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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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So, I was thinking milk enemas or lactating preggo babes when I first saw the name of this site. But actually, neither of those are present on the Milking Table. Instead, these are hardcore jerk and suck therapy sessions with a twist.

Each scene begins with a guy chatting to a "therapist" about how he is having sexual issues. The therapist listens intently and then takes the guy into the back to work on his problems. And this "work" involves the fellow lying naked on a table while the sexily-clad chick caresses his body and cock, asking he if he feels it and how does it feel, etc.

After some of that caressing and stroking and sometimes blowing, the girl tells the dude to roll over and stick his dick through the hole in the middle of the table. She then proceeds to crawl under the table and continue to jerk and suck his meat pole until he cums all over her.

The girls all wear skimpy outfits, often with fishnet tops. Sometimes they'll pull out their tits and/or tug their panties to the side revealing their pretty poons, but not always.

There are 20 episodes and each one comes with a set of photos and a video. The images are high-res and you can download the sets in Zip files. As for the movies, you can stream them and also download them in HD Windows Media and QuickTime files. There is also a smaller file for your portable needs.

Each scene comes with a bunch of content tags and there is also a basic search box. The collection also dates the scenes, so we know that they're adding a new one at least once a week (it looks like every now and then you will get two in a seven-day period).

As far as extras go, you do get a collection of 92 bonus videos that you can download. I didn't watch them all, but from the looks of the thumbnail images they look to be mostly focused on handjobs and blowjobs, with hardcore banging in some scenes.

The high quality of it all and the somewhat original idea are both pros for Milking Table. However, the small amount of content makes it hard to give this one a full recommendation right now.

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  • Comment by: Anon

    Score: 100% Date: 08/28/2014

    I love this site! Finally a site that the girl finishes the guy off 100% of the time!!! The girls are hot, they do all the work and it is sexy to watch them do their thing unobstructed!

    I join this site every other month so I can have a bunch of new updates to watch. Top notch site!

  • Comment by: assiandude

    Score: 62% Date: 02/23/2014

    I loved the idea and the video quality is great. However, the site has limited content. I joined a couple months ago and there was a weekly update, but during the last month new content has been minimal. One time they changed the date on one so it appeared to have a new video. It was only changed the date on the homepage but didn't change it when you actually looked at the content. I joined for an annual subscription and was initially very happy and hope that they get more content. I'm guessing that it is doing poorly and don't want to invest more which is a mistake since it can be a great site. I think they should market to straight/gay/bi and get hot guys with big cocks and they could get more support

  • Comment by: jimmy_buffet91

    Score: N/A Date: 11/28/2013

    They do have download limits: Any time I use more than one connection to download content using the same account for a bit, their "Strongbox" security blocks my account access for a long period of time. Horrible usability. Customer service is also completely unresponsive regarding that behavior.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/29/2013): Thanks for the comment, jimmy_buffet91. You didn't leave an email. We spoke with the site and here is their response: "The strongbox logs show that he is opening multiple browsers for some reason and each one is creating a new session which forces him to login each time, when strongbox detects 10 login within 5 minutes it blocks the account for a period of time (that’s just how the script works), with that being said there is absolutely no need to open multiple browsers and login each time, since there are no download restrictions he can download all the movies using 1 browser and one active session."