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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When I discovered that the name of the site that I'd be reviewing was Black Bachelor, I came to suspect that the website would offer a cheesy pornographic spin on the now "classic" mainstream reality TV show that's now been on the air for several seasons. Instead, I found myself suffocating on lots of black cock and being repeatedly hit over the head by so many white, Asian and even ebony pussies that I didn't even know where I was anymore.

The site is really chaotic. There are so many links that determining just how much content there is seems like an impossible task, at least at first. On the "what's new" page, I counted almost 375 updates. Now the issue with these is that some link to pictures, some to stories, some to videos and others to third-party site content.

I did my best to go through everything and add it all up and I ended up finding something like 160 videos and 215 photo sets. Some of the image galleries merely provide you with vid caps, but others provide you with actual photographs. The quality of the pics varies, but there are some high-res shots.

The website's videos are split up into clips that you can usually download as average-quality DivX-encoded AVI files. If you're lucky, you might come across a movie that you can download in a good-quality MPEG format. The sex seen in the vids is extremely hardcore and diverse. In both the video and photo content, I saw lesbians, interracial, group sex, domination by either males or females, masturbation and even interviews, or "interracial confessions" as the site calls them.

You don't have to wait too long to see new content. Between updates, you can keep yourself occupied by visiting five bonus sites that give you content that's pretty similar to the raunchy interracial porn found on Black Bachelor. These additional sites give you some extra incentive to sign up for a membership, but they might not be enough. Given that the website is a disorganized mess that mostly offers average-quality content, it isn't exactly a site that anyone will be rushing to join.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: bc119

    Score: 50% Date: 06/06/2015

    The site has good videos the problem is finding the videos and half of the stuff doesn't work. Picture galleries and videos are all mixed together. I joined because I saw a good video that was labled and I couldn't find that video. I wouldn't sbscribe again but i do like the videos.

  • Comment by: adam

    Score: 77% Date: 03/12/2014

    not going to lie this site has a bunch of gems amongst a wasteland. a lot of photos to some good looking videos i wish had existed but besides that, there is some nice white trash women on this site. all shot pov style which fortunately for me, that's what i wanted. got a good couple of worthwhile gigs from this site so I'd say, it's a worthwhile sub once every few months or so.

  • Comment by: Porn Fan 101

    Score: 40% Date: 04/26/2013

    Like others have stated this sites lay out is a complete mess. Against my better judgement I decided to give it a try because it has the amateur interracil thing going on or at least it's not major porn stars claiming it's some reality porn bs.
    Pros - actually some pretty good vids on this site.
    Cons - The biggest would have to be the lay out. If they would simply put all the vids, pics & stories in there own section it would be so much easier to browse through. Another big gripe is the vids come in sections & there in divx format. Very few are not slip up into sections.
    All in all if they would simply put some effert into this site it could be one of the top notch interracial sites, but since seeing how it's been going on like this for years I don't see any changes.
    If you don't mind having vids split up or don't mind combining them in movie maker or something then I recommded siging up for a one time deal and get the 25 or so vids that are fairly good then cancel your membership and never look back.

  • Comment by: Bob Goode

    Score: 20% Date: 02/07/2013

    I joined this site in Dec2012 and it has not changed since I last joined it in 2009. I was really hoping the updated the layout but its exactly the same. The quality of video is good but the weekly updates are sometimes only images. Really? That does not cut it at the price. What I like about the site is that the material is refreshingly amatuer and for the most part well done. There is much good material on the site just takes forever to find it. BTW i dont know what the other guy is talking bout when he says there are bonus sites. There are none.
    If you like amateur interracial porn its worth a look. But like many you will likely never join again.

  • Comment by: I know my porn

    Score: 10% Date: 10/23/2012

    It's a cluster fuck of shitty porn that makes little sense. In fact half of the stuff they show you is just pictures, not videos. They still don't have their shit together, in fact some of the links are broken and you have to go into another section called the hidden episodes. It's just basically random clips to other scenes that they forgot to upload. It's been around for a while so they prolly found clips that had no copy protection and used them. It's very frustrating, because half the stuff you want to see is just pictures, and finding the movies aren't on just one page, they are scattered around. What really gets me is that it seems like the webmaster takes credit for banging these girls, the captions to the sites starts off in a narrative, as if someone involved in the site was actually making the flicks. Don't be curious about the site, it's a junk site. There is a good chance you might have encountered some of the scenes in free sites. It's apparent the webmaster and owner of the site really doesn't give a shit about the site, it's prolly just extra income. Even if they get 10 people to join, that pays for their band width, which is very very slow. Most of the scenes aren't shot well, there prolly around 4 scenes that are good. I beg of you to pass this site over, it';s really not worth it. I don't think I would join even if they did one of those 8.98 deals.

  • Comment by: ray

    Score: 94% Date: 10/26/2011

    i joined this site last month and I will join soon cause of the awesome bonus sites, this site is not the score but the bonus sites are awesome.

  • Comment by: I know my porn 1

    Score: 5% Date: 07/27/2011

    Aldo it's worst then you can even imagine. If something generally looks really awesome, its not. I know my porn too got it right with the pic sets. What you see is just pictures and it doesn't mean they actually even have those pictures. Bangbros is not bullshit, very little of it is "pretend porn".

  • Comment by: Cdog

    Score: 75% Date: 07/18/2011

    I rate this site a 75 with the caveat that I downloaded it as a torrent.It's worth getting that way.

  • Comment by: Aldo

    Score: 100% Date: 07/08/2011

    This website looks fantastic!! Real amateur porn!!! No bullshit like Bangbros or that crap! Is that real bad that is not organized? How bad could be?

  • Comment by: I know porn too

    Score: 2% Date: 04/05/2011

    what everyone has already said below is right on the money. This site does not deliver what it promises. Got me for 30 dollars also. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SHIT. I IMPLORE YOU. You may get suckered in by looking at the update section now and then and thinking wow that scene looks hot. NOT!!! Most likely what you are seeing is just a screenshot of a picset that is in the new update section. Not a video. A fucking picset! Who the fuck uploads picsets?? Or downloads picsets?? Is this 1991? Are we all on bad modems downloading @ 14.4kbps? Then I could see the justification in downloading pictures. But in 2011 and beyond? Picsets? REALLY?? What a fucking waste of money. DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE. I gave it a 2 only because of the 3 or 4 videos that are pretty good. Not to mention you can probably find them for free on the web. So don't bother. As the Simpson's comic guy would say... "worst site everrrr."

  • Comment by: I know my porn

    Score: 7% Date: 02/08/2011

    When you hear the R&B song once you start the free tour that sounds like someone that you would laugh at on Americal idol, you know your in trouble. I don't understand why they would put a love song on what is suppose to be a porn site. Yes black bachelor. Guys what to hear a shitty R&B song about a guy talking about how he feel in love the first time he saw a girl. I mean the home page says "Warning this a hardcore mother fuckin porn site"

    I have joined a few times, for the simple reason to see if they got their shit together.

    The organization is crap on all levels. What is annoying is thinking you found an interesting setting of clips under the video section but it only turns out to be pictures.

    The site takes on different personalities, such as its suppose to be a hardcore site, but as mentioned before, they have a long song as their background? Another personality is that a this is done by one man, the Black bachelor. In every description which has the same word use that indicates its written by the same person, it starts off with Me or I.

    A lot of the video seems to be from old porn flicks or some ass with a camera thinking he can be a porn star, pays a girl under a new label, and tries to cell the scene, of course since its so shitty, black bachelor picks it up.

    However it does have a few (very few) series of clips that are interesting,yet you feel like they aren't complete, whiter it was due to shit video editing and filming or shit organization skills. I SHIT you not, they have a selection in the video tap that says Lost clips...This isn't finding an episode of a TV show that never got aired, they just forgot to put it with the other series of clips

    the whole design feels very early 2000, even the home page seems to come off one as one of those sites that has more than one name but the same content.

    All and all the site is a hot mess, you won't find anything new or different. Adult sites in this day and age should give you the most bang

  • Comment by: Organize the Website

    Score: 35% Date: 12/30/2010

    So much potential. Lots and lots of content but a blind man could have organized the site better.

    You have no idea where your going and whats videos or pictures until you've clicked on 20 links.

    If they could organize the website and add more videos then pictures then this site would be at least a 90.

  • Comment by: Big Tex

    Score: 1% Date: 11/25/2010

    Agree with "scammer" this site is a rip off

  • Comment by: John

    Score: 75% Date: 09/19/2010

    This site has plenty of filthy low class white sluts completely degrade to the core by thugs. Lots of interracial POV videos. There are plenty of stuff wrong with this site. False advertisement videos that are not on the site, updates only once a week and sometimes the updates are just photo galleries and no videos. The site is really disorganized. I recommend a one time deal, download what you like and never come back until the site gets some major upgrades.

  • Comment by: Scammer

    Score: 1% Date: 09/10/2010

    This site isn't worth any money! I signed up for a month and after few days couldn't log in, got an error message, non existent customer service, there helpdesk only solution was to reboot my computer and clear my cookies, idiots.... avoid, this is scam

  • Comment by: call the police

    Score: 1% Date: 09/04/2010

    this was the worst site I've ever paid for. Most of the content on the teaser page is not available once you pay up. It was not unusual to see part one of a scene, with part two missing. The site links was a series of deadends and loops that bring you back where you started with little to see along the way. Often a still would link to a poor quality video that was not the one pictured. I canceled my membership within a day.

  • Comment by: pariah

    Score: 1% Date: 04/16/2010

    This is the worst mess i,ve ever seen. total disarray, navigation sucks! I wish I had read the reviews before I wasted my money. They should give refunds. I got beat out of 30 bucks!

  • Comment by: joey

    Score: 5% Date: 02/24/2010

    Beware this site, the content promised is not the content delivered.

  • Comment by: R u serious

    Score: 1% Date: 02/19/2010

    The fact that this site has scorced so high on rabbitsreview really makes me question the validity of this review site. This website is the WORST I've ever seen. In fact if I were Rabbits I would have declined to review this site or scorced it so low no one would ever see it. READ all of the fucking reviews can that many people be wrong? Rabbits please correct this score, if you guys don't you review sites' credibility is SHOT!

  • Comment by: Matt85

    Score: 5% Date: 01/27/2010

    Who's the webmaster of this site ? A monkey ? A retard ? Never join this site, half of the vids exposed in free tour doesn't exist in members section, and this one is the most poorly organised i ever seen.
    This site is a total scam, seriously i don't understand why this site is not forbidden and prosecuted by law.

  • Comment by: BLOWS BIG ASS

    Score: N/A Date: 01/02/2010

    this site blows big ass. From the navagating to movies. Not all movies are in the movie portion of the site. Plus most of the movies are chopped up in small bits. Most look like they were taken with a 1995 VHS video recorder-which is fine, sometimes I like that grainy look but the angels sucks.

  • Comment by: craig

    Score: 25% Date: 12/01/2009

    only a month access, password problems, no response from webmaster,no full length viedos.

  • Comment by: I don t think so

    Score: 20% Date: 11/10/2008

    I believe if you join you either burn 20 % your brain cells trying to understand where the video's are, and another 10% trying to understand why you joined.

  • Comment by: cuntlover

    Score: 35% Date: 10/05/2008

    Silicone-boobed, ugly, overly made-up white girls with nasty looking pussy and asses acting like they are God's gift to the world. And then there are the male actors. Not a brain among them and acting stupid when they only cum 3-4 drops after some exagerrated 20-minute fuck-a-thon. My recommendation is to find some GOOD amateur that has interracial videos. This site is shit !