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April Scott

By: April Scott
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What kind of porn mood are you in right now? Would you like to watch sexy women mercilessly dominate men or other women? Perhaps you want to relax and watch sexy babes light up a smoke? Or maybe you're interested in viewing pantyhose and nylon-clad ladies get down and dirty? There's all that and more on Fetish Pack.

Apart from all I've just mentioned, you can also expect shemales, cock-and-ball torture, bondage, feet, high heels, wrestling, leather, latex and BBWs, so, as you can see, FetishPack is packed with XXX material. The question then becomes: How well is it all organized? Truth be told, it could be presented better, both in the way its designed and in how you navigate.

Many sites of this kind are designed so that you land on a network page, but not so with this one. Instead you'll land on one of the sites, Femdom Streams, and then you have to use a drop-down menu to make your way to the 24 others. At least you can see all the network updates from the homepage. From the looks of it, new movies are posted multiple times a day to the various sites, but some are no longer updating.

There are approximately 6,085 videos and about 2,755 photo galleries. It's somewhat tough to get a concrete number since many of the older vids are split into parts that aren't always posted in the proper order. The picture sections could also be more appealing. Some sets are also in parts and you won't find them until you click into a specific gallery. It's also tough to tell which part goes with what since the sets aren't appropriately named.

While that isn't good, when it comes to quality, that's where I was really disappointed. Many of the sites only offer poor-looking MP4 and 3GP files, but it seems like the majority provide you with below-average Flash downloads for the newer additions and Windows Media files for the older movies. There's a streaming option, but not every one allows you to skip ahead right away. I didn't come across one high-res photo and it doesn't look like any new ones have been added in years.

Each website has a lot of variety. Foot-fetish fans will really get a kick out of watching sexy woman suck and fuck while wearing sky-high stilettos on High Heel Divas and Foot Divas. Those into transsexuals will be delighted with the variety of them on Amateur TVs and Trannie Club. There's also something for mature lovers and those into big women with Older Divas and Lingerie BBWs.

All that said, I really think it's the Femdom aficionados who will benefit here since many of the sites make that their focus, like Beneath Her, Brutal CBT, Women Who Punish, Strapon Slaves and Femdom Loft. These tend to occasionally show a woman being punished by a Master and the site Dominant TVs is dedicated to bringing you T-Dommes. I would have appreciated an advanced search, but the basic one did return a good amount of results.

Due to the volume of content and the excellent update schedule (you also get bonus videos in many niches as well as erotic stories), I'm inclined to give Fetish Pack a thumbs-up, but the low video quality really takes its toll on the score and I would like to see a cleaner interface.

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