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A.K. Anderson

By: A.K. Anderson
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Public Invasion features some crazy Czech guy with broken English who moans, "Oh yeah" constantly. Each scene begins and ends outside. The pick-up happens on the street and the oral sex and penetration happen in an area that is a bit more private. Then the couple bids adieu to one another outdoors. One of the things I really liked is the fact that this is a hardcore collection.

PublicInvasion has 208 videos. A number of the older flicks went missing for a while, but they've now reappeared and are better than ever. That's because all the vids are presented in HD MP4s these days. You can also save them in Windows Media and MPEG files and they're available as clips and full-length films. You also have the option of streaming them.

The chicks start off in an outdoor setting or inside a public place, like a store or restaurant. They flash their breasts or asses and some show glimpses of their pussies. However, usually they are escorted to a more secluded area for a handjob, blowjob, anal pounding or muff banging. Just so you're aware, there isn't any sex on a public street or against a restaurant window while people are eating their lunch (which would have been so hot).

Every movie comes with a set of vid caps, but only some of them come with a set of photos. It looks to me like there are about 90 galleries. Both the pics and vid caps can be saved in Zip folders. The galleries all have a mix of high, medium and low-res images.

Not every scene shows penetration, but you usually get a nice look at the babe's goodies and our man always gets at least some oral pleasuring before climaxing all over a pretty face with a load of warm jizz. The photos show you the same action that's in the videos they come with.

The website hasn't updated since August 2013. It would be nice to see it get back to posting fresh scenes, but even if it never does, there is still enough to make a membership worthwhile. With porn that's hot and high in quality, Public Invasion is worth checking out.


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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: John

    Score: N/A Date: 05/20/2012

    Joined this site today. Let me tell you what the problems are.
    1. You need to enter your username and password at the commencement of each clip, which is a fucking paid and really spoils the moment.
    2. Buffering takes an eternity
    3. Once buffering has completed, you may find that the clip you clicked on is not the clip being shown. In other words, some or all of the clips are out of sequence. If you click on the first clip to see the beginning of the episode, you may find that the clip is in fact from the middle of the episode
    4.In my experience in internet porn, BangBros is a dodgy network and one to avoid.
    Given my experiences above, I am no longer prepared to waste my time with this site, and will be cancelling within hours of having joined. $25 bucks down the drain ,which I will put down to experience.

  • Comment by: robm

    Score: 20% Date: 01/11/2011

    Some pretty girls and some good blowjobs and facials and a manufactured semblance of it being 'public' It's totally staged, a corporate boring BangBros candy floss product and as such it's a con really. All the action is in non public places, no one ever sees anything, no people walk past. This is NOT public sex.

    Girls often pretty but all paid actresses who dont do too bad but the worst worst thing about this site is that annoying IDIOT with his rubbish english, gruesome accent and repetitive phrases -he totally KILLS this site. I always watched clips with sound off to avoid this moron with his non credible money waving offers.

    If it was REAL not staged, and it was Public and he was would be a good site..I only have to see a clip is from this site now and I dont watch it. You see one epuside you have seen them all. It's Bang Dross!

  • Comment by: Franklin

    Score: 90% Date: 06/28/2010

    I think Nome is right. The early videos were not fake, but Bang Bros has made it staged now (as a lot of the girls are also on Busty Adventures etc). I think this is the case because the earlier models are not on any other Bang Bros website.

  • Comment by: Alf

    Score: 10% Date: 09/03/2009

    This site quit updating a couple of months ago. It used to have one update per week, now nothing... Bang Bros killed this site :-(

  • Comment by: noone

    Score: 70% Date: 01/04/2009

    Of course is staged :) Some famous czech porn stars are in few episodes ! but still its worth to watch :) his english is hilarious ;-)

  • Comment by: MASH

    Score: 5% Date: 12/26/2008

    Absolutely NO VOYEUR site!!! All contents is FAKE and STAGED!!! All girls are profi porno actor's!

  • Comment by: guy

    Score: 55% Date: 09/15/2008

    its good except for the guy with broken english saying show me little bit your pooooooseee and little bit your ass..and 'oh this is fucking great' every 5 seconds, but otherwise it is good stuff, i guess women will do anything for money, but they all fuck him without a condom, so im pretty sure its staged