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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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For some their name means everything and when it comes to websites that normally means that they choose one based on popular keywords. Every once in a while though, you come across a website where the name really doesn't have anything to do with the action inside and it's not necessarily even pornographic in nature, like Boys Star Movie Mobile, which delivers gay Asian porn.

Now, I had some clue as to what I was in for before signing into BoysStarMovieMobile, because I had already reviewed the non-mobile version of Boys Star Movie that comes with your membership. I can tell you one difference between the two straightaway and that is that on the mobile version, there aren't any photos to be found.

I checked out the standard site a few weeks ago, so it makes sense that I now find here more vids than I found here, because updates appear to be about twice a week. Currently, there are 54 videos and they come in 3GPs that give you good-looking footage. Some videos maybe don't look equal to others in their quality, but that comes down to camerawork and lighting.

There's some reality style porn here with many scenes shot in hotel rooms with makeshift lights or even out on dimly lit streets. Some also appear to be shot with a webcam, so they lack relative crispness or fluidity given that they're normally stuck in one place and the performer may move closer and then further away during his performance messing up the focus.

There can be a lot of dialogue in Japanese and they don't bother to provide English subtitles, so it kind of makes some the scenes that feel a bit strange seem even seem more surreal. Like for example, when they make a dude stick a toy up his ass and walk around town while another guy follows and sometimes uses a remote to zap it on. If I hadn't read the description, I'd think it was an art film.

I also would say that if you're really only into hardcore gay sex that this collection might not completely satisfy you, because many scenes don't show penetration or even blowjobs, they may be limited to masturbation or frottage. Even so, Boys Star Movie Mobile might be worth checking out if you're into gay Asians with a kinky slant.

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