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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Being a comic book junkie and someone who works in the adult industry, I've come across this particular artist's works several times before. I never knew she had her own site, though, appropriately called Rebecca HAP. The "HAP" is an acronym for "Housewives At Play," which is probably her most popular comic title. You'll also find other erotic comics from this amazing artist.

In the mainstream American comics industry, you normally find an entire team of people working on one title. One or two people write the script, someone adapts it into comic form using penciled drawings, another person inks the artwork and then it's handed off to colors before being given to a letterer (the one who adds all the text boxes and word bubbles, etc). On RebeccaHAP, Rebecca handles all of that work herself and, despite this, the quality never dips. She also does more than just one title.

If you've never heard of her before, Rebecca is an erotic comic artist who has been making sexy comic books and pinup drawings for more than a decade. Her artwork mostly focuses on lesbian action and mature toons, such as with Housewives At Play and Hot Moms.

You'll also find the mommy-on-mommy fucking frequently takes a turn for the kinky, as numerous scenes focus on lesdom and chicks gangbanging other chicks with strapons and dildos. There are MILFs fucking teens, too. You'll find the occasional group sex with guys involved, but only when another woman is ordering a female sub to take the cock(s).

The site advertises weekly updates, but that hasn't been the case since November 2012. These days, updates are actually once a month. Besides the comics, there are also erotic nudes of female celebrities and popular comic book and cartoon characters like Supergirl or the Disney Princesses. There are also copies of her pinup artbooks that Rebecca has published over the years.

Adding everything together gets you 86 image galleries. Being a comic site first and a pinup site second, it shouldn't surprise you that you don't get any movies. Unfortunately, there aren't any Zip folders and depending on the viewer used for a particular gallery, you will find several sets that can't even be saved one at image at a time.

The good news is that all of the pics are high-res. Some are a bit smaller or bigger, but never by much. Some viewers are more user-friendly than others, while the navigation as a whole is kind of clunky. In general, I'd recommend opening up a gallery in another window, because you'll usually have to rely on your browser's back button to get back to the main content sections. Also, while Rebecca's art skills have clearly continued to improve over the years, the design of the site remains rather dated.

With the exception of a few sample images promoting her other sites, Housewives At Play and Teens At Play, you don't get any extras. I should also point out that the cost is slightly above average, but the rebill is very inexpensive. Despite the small amount of content, slow update schedule and lack of Zip folders, I still highly recommend this site for those who like lesbian-themed comics.

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