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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I will say straightaway that Twinky Toons is definitely a standout for me in a niche that I don't always fully appreciate. Let me preface my next statement by saying that I've found myself attracted to comic book and cartoon characters that weren't even meant to be titillating in the least. So my issue with gay comics is that the drawings can be so over the top that I find them comical.

I imagine that when you can draw it's tempting to exaggerate certain male attributes, but I prefer that exaggeration to fall somewhere within the realm of real-life possibilities. I want to see drawings that lead to realistic fantasies and that's the case with TwinkyToons, although you'll still get outer-space action, teen werewolves and an X-rated version of a heroic medieval outlaw.

They call him "Robin Wood" and the story gave me throbbin' wood. After all, each of the six pages depicting the tale are such big imagesthat when Robin first appears I can see that he's filling out his tights quite nicely. He wears a green hood, but his washboard abs peek out from between leather suspenders.

His band of merry men ask for money and jewels, but when the nobleman being robbed says that they're welcome to anything they want, Robin decides to make off with the noble's son and carries him up into a tree. Once there, the nubile boy is relieved of his clothing with Robin's dagger. When our hooded King of Thieves drops his tights his manhood proves to be quite the beast.

The nubile blue blood willingly feasts on Robin's wood before taking the rock-hard shaft up his tight ass. Our dear butt bandit does rim the boy's asshole first, but laying siege to his bubble butt with such a massive battering ram and no lube seems positively medieval. All the same, the wealthy power bottom cums from the intense fuck and then takes a face full of Sherwood's most famous citizen's seed.

Now not all of the 50 or so image sets actually hold comics like the one I just described. And I am not just referring to the fact that one of the comics has a more contemporary reality-based storyline. I mean that you will find pinup pics, desktop wallpaper and different series with clothed/naked athlete drawings showing jocks in and out of uniform.

Unfortunately, there aren't any videos showing gay animation. Another thing that's not great about the website is that it only gives you one new image with each weekly update. Due to this, it can take a while to get a full gallery and/or finish a storyline. You're able to save the image sets in Zip files and they are high-res.

You can keep busy between updates with live-action vids from the other seven Gay Life Network sites. These include Teach Twinks, Twinklight, Twinkylicious and Best Bareback. One of the additional sites, Lollipop Twinks, seems to be the inspiration for "Bang Hard Candy Boys," a fictional video shoot in one of the comics.

The bonuses definitely add some value to your experience here, but clearly there will be some people who are looking for bonus gay toons and are not interested in seeing live-action porn. In my opinion, though, Twinky Toons might not be the biggest in its niche, but it's still worth joining.


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