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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Some people can't get enough alcohol, for some it's gambling and for others it's any number of hard drugs. Now, any of those people can join Spankaholics, but their main clientele will surely be those of you out there with an addiction to spanking.

This isn't one of those playful spanking sites where cute little girls tap each other on the ass pretend to hurt and then lick each others pussy. Spankaholics is a real spanking site where none of the smacking, cries of pain or tears are fake in any way.

Spankaholics isn't anything special to look at. The design is pretty average and there are some navigation issues although overall finding and watching the content isn't hard to do. There are both pictures and videos available, 35 and 32 respectively. While pretty much every scene does end with a bright red, or severely bruised, ass, the way they get that way does vary, whether it be a hand, a whip, a cane or some other device. What also varies is the type of scenes as well. While some of the scenes play up this naughty schoolgirl angle and have some really bad acting involved, others are just straight up spanking scenes. Each video is about 2-6 minutes long and can be downloaded in Windows Media format (320x240, 646kbps) for some and Real Player for others (727kbps).

I mentioned crying at the beginning of the review and that is because the first scene I happened to watch was so painful the girl was literally crying by the end and could barley say "sir" when prompt to do so by the man whipping her. I tell you this because while the production value of these videos isn't anything special the spanking is good and hardcore.

There are no bonus sites available, but extra content does include some writing about corporal punishment in various countries, interviews with some of the spanking models and extra video clips of the girls after the scenes. Overall, the hardcore nature of the spanking and corporal punishment will appeal to some people and the amount and quality of the content is acceptable enough as well to recommend it.

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